(Clearwisdom.net) When sharing cultivation experiences with fellow practitioners, some mentioned harmonizing family relationships. One seemed to understand that this meant taking care of one's family first, and then doing the three things required of practitioners. At the time it seemed to sound correct but I remembered that Master only said that we harmonize with the Fa and maintain balanced family relationships.

On many occasions in the past when I tried to "harmonize family relationships," I felt that I was slackening off in my cultivation. I was being affected by human attachments and was unable to be diligent. Today when I calmed down to reflect, I realized that there is a fundamental problem with the understanding mentioned above. We harmonize with the Fa because we are Dafa practitioners and we are required to do the three things well and do them righteously. We need to let the people of the world see the wonderfulness of Dafa and thus offer salvation to all sentient beings. We are not here to satisfy the needs of ordinary people and to be lost in human society.

Whatever practitioners do, we must place validating the Fa as our utmost priority. If we don't keep this thought uppermost in our minds at all times, then surrounded by human attachments, it would be difficult for us to keep this as our priority. We could even become lost on our cultivation path, allowing ourselves to be distracted by the false things that we were seeking as part of ordinary human society. We could thus lose the precious opportunity to cultivate; to walk the paths of Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples.