(Clearwisdom.net) A group of a dozen officers from the Domestic Security Division of the Chaoyang District Police Department, the Neighborhood Administration Division of the Hujialou Police Department, and the area 610 Office went to the home of Ms. Zhang, an elderly Falun Gong practitioner, at around 5:00 p.m. on July 29. They verbally abused her and ransacked her home, located at 5 Hujialoubei Street, 5th Floor, Room 401, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Three other practitioners, Ms. Zhai Shutian, 61; Ms. Han Ming, 62; and Ms. Zhou Liyan, 55, were visiting Ms. Zhang at the time. The police arrested them on grounds of "unlawful assembly." The three women are Ms. Zhang's friends and neighbors who are also residents of Chaoyang District. How could a few elderly women visiting a friend be construed as "unlawful assembly"? Were they really committing a crime?

Ms. Zhang's son, a non-practitioner, was not home at the time. Nonetheless, the police kicked in the door to his room and ransacked it, although they found nothing incriminating.

Ms. Zhang has limited mobility because she is overweight. Her husband, Mr. Song, was once sent to a brainwashing center and persecuted by the authorities for his practice of Falun Gong. They threatened him with a three-year prison sentence when he refused to give up his belief. The authorities were forced to release Mr. Song, however, because he frequently experienced nausea and dizziness. But even after Mr. Song returned home, the authorities continued to harass him by going to his home and following him when he went out. Mr. Song was tormented both physically and emotionally. He is now disabled and needs a caregiver because he is paralyzed on one side of his body.

The three elderly ladies are friends and neighbors who would help Ms. Zhang and her husband with grocery shopping and cooking. Ms. Zhang's son was out of town that day, so the three ladies went over to check on the elderly couple. Nonetheless, the police arrested them and ransacked Ms. Zhang's home. Their families still do not know the three women's whereabouts. One family member inquired at the police department, but the police refused to disclose any information.

The three practitioners are all retired, elderly women. Ms. Zhou used to be an instructor at Beijing Automobile Industrial College. Ms. Zhai used to be an electrical welder. They all believe in the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and were committed to becoming better people who would help others. In normal society, it was a common occurrence for them to visit their elderly neighbors and help them with grocery shopping and household chores. But the Chinese Communist regime persecuted them for "unlawful assembly" under the pretense of security for the Olympic Games. The women's families and friends are very worried and hope that they can return home safely as soon as possible.

We hope that kindhearted people from around the world will pay attention to the brutal persecution that Falun Gong practitioners have been suffering during the Olympic Games in Beijing. Follow your conscience and call for justice to stop this persecution. The world truly needs Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.