(Clearwisdom.net) I am nearly 60 years old and I used to have good health.

In late 1996, many people in my area started to practice Falun Dafa. My wife joined them because of her illness. The practice site was at a practitioner's home on the east side of the village, and they all got up early in the morning for group exercise. Although not a practitioner, I supported my wife's practicing Dafa. Every morning, I woke my wife up, and she would call up other practitioners for their group exercise.

Seeing my wife's numerous illnesses cured after her practice, I saw that Dafa was supernatural. With that thought, I fully supported my wife's practice and activities to promote Dafa. Whenever she left home for Dafa activities, I would take on all the household chores, including taking care of a grandson and granddaughter. Seeing Dafa benefit people's mind and body, more and more people started to practice. More practice sites were established in the villages, and people lived a happier life.

Because of my wife, I came to know more about cultivation and I also thought about joining them. However, right at that moment the persecution started and the situation became very intense. Knowing how vicious the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) was, I thus missed the opportunity to begin the practice.

In Spring 2002, when helping a neighbor move some things, I felt pain in one leg. I did not pay much attention to it, but it became worse and worse. Sometimes while working outside, I had to take several breaks because of the pain. My family suggested that I see a doctor, who then referred me to specialists in the provincial hospital. Seeing the doctors discussing my illness in private, I realized that it was serious. The diagnosis from the specialists showed that it was a malignant bone tumor (my family did not tell me earlier, worrying it would scare me too much). I had surgery and the knee joint was removed. After returning home, I continued the medication. Not only did the illness fail to improve, I also gradually lost feeling in that leg. In order to turn over in bed, I had to use my healthy leg to support the other leg to make the turn. It was very painful. Although my wife helped me every day after her work, my illness became worse with the tumor growth. So we decided to have another surgery.

On July 3rd, 2003 (lunar calendar), I had a second surgery. This time, I had an amputation. Upon leaving the hospital, the doctor told my family to prepare for my funeral. After returning home, seeing my children talking in private about my illness, I told them, "Please do not lie to me. I know how bad the illness is." With the sickness, I began to have a bad temper, especially because I had to lie in bed all the time.

During that period of time, my wife talked with me about Dafa, and encouraged me to start practicing. Since I already knew that Dafa is good, I began to practice. Soon afterwards, I began to see the miraculous effect of Dafa. At the beginning, I was able to sit on the bed, and later I was able to sit in a chair. We realized we had to step forward to clarify the truth. My wife and another practitioner went to the city and bought some red paper. I cut them into long pieces and wrote on them, "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance is good." I wrote the words at home, and in the evening, my wife and the other practitioner went out to post them. Sometimes when they were very busy, my grandchildren also went with them to help. In this way, more people started to know the truth of Dafa.

At the beginning, after writing some banners, I had to stop and lie down to rest for a while. Later, I became better and better, and I needed less rest. One night, the leg that had the amputation was very painful, and the pain came back again and again. It went on like this for one night. The next day, all the pain was gone. No matter how long I sat in the chair, I no longer felt pain.

In this way, once again I saw the wonderfulness of Dafa. Teacher gave me a new life.