Records of crimes committed by the Yongji County police

The Yongji County Political and Judiciary Committee, the 610 Office, the local police department, the State Security Division, and police officers from the Chengnan, Chengbei, and Chengxi police departments, all took part in persecuting Dafa practitioners. What we're exposing below are only their most recent crimes.

Even before the Olympic Games, Yongji police officers confiscated practitioners' property and arrested them. In November 2007, they took Ms. Li Fenghua's family property and stole her personal belongings and valuables. As a result, Ms. Li became destitute and homeless, unable to return home.

That same day, police also arrested Mr. Zhu Yeguang, Ms. Sun Xiaomei, and Ms. Zhang Fengrong. Mr. Zhu and Ms. Sun were illegally detained for fifteen days. After police extorted 10,000 and 20,000 yuan from them, respectively, they were released.

Ms. Zhang's family is very poor; they barely have enough to eat. Yet, State Security Division chief, Wang Shuxiang, told them: "If you have money, we'll release Ms. Li, otherwise we'll send her to a forced labor camp."

Ms. Zhang asked her relatives and friends for help and finally managed to borrow 8,000 yuan. But the police said: "You must give us at least 9,000 yuan." The police forced Ms. Zhang to write an IOU for 1,000 yuan, before releasing her.

Afterwards, the police frequently visited her home demanding the unpaid balance. They tried to intimidate her by saying: "If you do not pay back the money you owe, we will not let you off."

Under such dire circumstances, Ms. Zhang's family of three left home. They dared not return to their farm, on which they've always relied for their livelihood. Overall, the police extorted tens of thousands of yuan from the family.

On April 5, 6, and 25, and on May 13, 2008, under the guise of "securing the Olympic Games," the Yongji police illegally arrested eleven practitioners. The police also confiscated the practitioners' property and personal belongings, as well as cash.

Among the eleven practitioners that were arrested, Ms. Wang Jing, Mr. Xu Qiang, Ms. Wang Yanzhen, Ms. Hu Jing, Ms. Jiang Bo, Ms. Zheng Qingzhi, Ms. Zhang Chunshu, and Ms. Jia Guirong were illegally sentenced to from one year to one-and-a-half years of forced labor.

The police arrested Mr. He Changlong from Chaluhe on July 7, and Ms. Liu Lihua from Sanjiazi Township, on July 13.

On July 14, Ms. Zhang Huazhen, in her 60s, was arrested along with her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson. The police also confiscated her grandson's computer and printer, which he used for running his advertising business. That same day, police from Beidahu Town local police station also arrested Ms. Liu Shuhua.

Karmic Retribution

Throughout the ages, people have always believed that when people do good deeds, they will be rewarded, and when they do bad deeds, they will meet with karmic retribution.

As a result of wantonly persecuting Dafa practitioners, the following six people were arrested and imprisoned in late June 2008 for being a part of an "organized crime gang ring": director, Gao Qiang and former director, Li Quan, of the Yongji County Chaluhe Police Department; police officers Lu Wanfeng and Zhang Zhiwei; former Kouqian Chengnan Police Department officer, Zhu Changyan; and officer Xu Guangyuan.

Zhu and Xu started out as simpleminded thugs who worked for the Chaluhe Police Department. But after they were assigned to the Kouqian Chengnan Police Department, they took special delight in torturing practitioners. Zhu used every torture method imaginable to force "confessions" out of practitioners. He not only beat and kicked them, but also twisted their arms and used pliers to pull on their fingernails.

He once beat Ms. Zhang Chunshu so badly that her clothes were soaked in blood. She was not permitted to change her clothes for two weeks.