(Clearwisdom.net) I recently saw the news about how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is persecuting Dafa practitioners in the name of the Olympics. This made me realize that we practitioners may have some attachments.

Thinking about this I looked inward and realized that since late last year until now, I have been paying attention to whether the Olympics would be held. I even had the expectation that the Olympics would not be held and that the CCP would collapse soon. After finding this attachment, I looked back to see how my cultivation status had been the past few months. I realized I had slacked off in cultivation and did not do the three things well, and that this attachment was rooted in my selfishness.

It is of course something we need to let go of through cultivation. After discovering this attachment, I knew better the mission we had as Dafa practitioners. We did not come here because of the CCP, as that is not our mission. We came here to help Teacher with Fa-rectification, not to disintegrate the CCP. It is not our concern when the CCP actually disintegrates. Instead we should be thinking about how many sentient beings are waiting for us to save them. Are we doing the three things well? It is up to the CCP what it chooses to do. If it persecutes Dafa practitioners, we will eliminate the evil elements behind it.

I think that, at this critical moment, we practitioners should all be more diligent and not let the old forces destroy more people. There are many people waiting to be saved, and for anyone who cannot be saved, there will be no future.