(Clearwisdom.net) During May and June 2008, guards from the Jiangxi Province Women's Prison tortured practitioners who refused to give up Falun Gong. In May, the guards forced practitioners, including the ones who were "transformed," to undergo blood tests against their will, while other prisoners were spared. In addition, guards ordered prisoners and collaborators to keep watch on practitioners, allowing them to beat and berate them. Released collaborators were recalled to further persecute the imprisoned practitioners, as there were not enough inmates to do it.

Many forms of torture were used against practitioners in the prison. Their hands were handcuffed behind their backs and then hung by the cuffs onto the window's metal frame, so that the victim's feet dangled. The cuffs cut into their flesh, causing tremendous pain. Another form of torture was shocking the practitioners with high voltage electric batons, causing burns and swelling. In the extreme summer heat, some practitioners were locked up in a small windowless cell that was infested with mosquitoes and other insects. There is no heat in the winter, so the cells were extremely cold. The prison cells come in three sizes. Size one has a cement bed and is about 20 square feet. Size two has a cement bench and is about 10 square feet. Size three is totally empty and is less than 10 square feet, and it is impossible to lie down in the size three cell. A victim can only stand. Forcing practitioners to stand for long hours until their legs became swollen was another form of torture. Sleep deprivation was also used and afterwards, the guards wiped the practitioners' eyes with medication used to treat mosquito bites. This medication is extremely irritating when used in the eyes.

The known list of torture victims:

Ms. Chen Wen from Nanchang City. Guards deprived her of sleep and forced her to stand for many hours. As a result, she suffered severely swollen feet and had difficulty walking.

Ms. Huang Yindi, from Jiujiang City. Guards forced her to stand for many hours. As a result, she suffered severely swollen legs. The guards then locked her up in a small cell, where she suffered from painful insect bites all over her body.

Ms. Huang Liqiong, in her seventies, from Nanchang City. She was locked up in a small cell for many hours, where she suffered from the heat by day and mosquito bites by night.

Ms. Hu Huangju, from Jishui County. Guards ordered collaborators to administer daily brainwashing techniques. She has scars on her legs as a result of being tied up tightly for long periods of time.