I was not very diligent in doing the three things in recent times. I spent most of my time on my business. I knew the importance of validating the Fa, but I kept telling myself, "Teacher told us to conform to ordinary society are as much as possible. So it is not wrong for me to run my business. Besides, I can spend some money I make from my business on Dafa work. The more money I make, the more I can contribute to the material center. Isn't that saving sentient beings?" This was my excuse. It looked reasonable and considerate, but actually it was incorrect and selfish.

Since I could see other dimensions with my celestial eye, I kept sending forth righteous thoughts because I saw the evil in other dimensions and I knew I needed to eliminate it. But recently, I slowed down on sending forth righteous thoughts. All I thought about was making money. When I saw the evil, I said to myself, "They can't do much. So there is no need to eliminate them right now. Let them accumulate more and I'll eliminate all of them together." I reduced the frequency of sending forth righteous thoughts from once every hour to four times a day. Then I was not able to keep that up either. When I did send righteous thoughts, I did not have my hands in Jieyin to clear my own field first. Teacher asks us to clear our own dimensional field before we send forth righteous thoughts, but I thought it took too much time and just skipped it. I would spent at most ten minutes a day sending forth righteous thoughts. When I studied the Fa, I felt sleepy and my mind wandered away. When I did the exercises, I started thinking "How can I improve my business and what can I do to get more customers?" I hadn't seen scenes in other dimensions for a while, and I didn't care about the sentient beings there any more.

I was in this situation for about a month. Last night, before I went to bed, all of sudden I started to think about what I had been doing recently. I asked myself, "Have you done the 'three things?' Have you done them well? Is that right? Shouldn't you be more diligent?" I fell asleep pondering this, and maybe as a result, Teacher could see that there was still hope in me, so He let me again see into other dimensions to help me enlighten.

What I saw was very simple, but quite painful and alarming so I want to write it out immediately. It was like this: I was near a river along with many people in my dream. Suddenly, a lot of celestial beings appeared in the sky. People were shocked and kept looking up. I also looked up. Suddenly I found that my clothes changed to clothes like the celestial beings, and I began rising up. People next to me started to look at me in surprise. They had not thought that there were celestial beings among them. They surrounded me as I was moving up. I was very happy and wanted to let them know that I could fly too and that I was a celestial being, not a human. In front of so many people, I flew up a dozen feet high.

Then to my embarrassment, I could not move up any further and just hung there. People started talking among themselves. I felt my body become very heavy. I looked at myself and saw I had everyday people's clothes on top of my celestial clothing. The everyday people's clothes made me unable to move. When I was wondering where the everyday people's clothes came from, all of sudden a lot of celestial beings showed up in the sky. I said to myself, "With so many miracles happening, is this the Fa rectifying the human world?" Then I saw a lot of Dafa disciples in the images of Gods, Buddhas, or Taos rising up from the ground. I was very excited. But I also saw some painful scenes: some Dafa practitioners, many of whom I had known, who had not done the "three things," were waving in tears and saying goodbye to those practitioners who flew away. The solemnity of the Dafa disciples in the sky and the magnificent scenes surrounding them became a dramatic comparison to the sorrow of the Dafa practitioners remaining on the ground who failed to cultivate to their positions. Though I left the ground, I hung in the sky and did not reach Consummation either. Realizing this, my heart was so painful, as if being cut by a knife. I felt so sorry and regretful, I shouted out loud, "Teacher, please give me another chance!" Then I woke up from my dream.

Fa rectification is about to end. I was in a very dangerous place, otherwise Teacher wouldn't have let me see this. If everything completes today, my ending would be the same as in my dream, and I would be really regretful. So I want to say to fellow practitioners, if you are like me, and are preoccupied with non-practitioner's things, please don't make a wrong choice; a choice that you would forever regret, by wasting the time that should be spent on cultivation and the "three things." If everything completes tomorrow, are you still going to run for everyday people's stuff and ignore Fa rectification tasks? Work is just a means for us to make a living. Don't forget our mission! Please think carefully about what is truly more important.