(Clearwisdom.net) Twenty years ago, Mr. Liu Guoyao from Tangshan City often carried a knife at his waist and fought in gangs. Once he stabbed a man 11 times. As a result, he was sentenced to four years in prison.

In the 1990's, after he was released, he learned the teachings of Falun Gong. Soon he learned how to conduct himself properly.

Ever since then, he has completely removed many of his bad habits. He quit smoking, drinking, and fighting. He also began to care less about personal gain and loss. He considered others first in all aspects and tried to be a good person all the time.

Once, his car was rear-ended. He told the driver, "Do not worry about it. You did not do it intentionally. Please be careful next time. I am a Falun Gong practitioner. I will not cause you any trouble."

Another time, his car was hit again. A group of people got out of the car. It was obvious that they were drunk. Instead of apologizing, they beat him. He thought that as a practitioner, he should turn the other cheek, so he forbore it with a peaceful mind. Afterward, he said with joy in his heart, "This might be retribution for my fighting and hurting other people before."

After practicing Falun Gong, he fundamentally changed. He opened up a store. According to the requirements set forth by Teacher Li, he conducted business fairly. His business became very prosperous and many businessmen were willing to deal with him.

His 36-year-old wife, Ms. Luo Zhijian, works at the Design Institute of Tangshan Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. She is also a practitioner, and Falun Gong gave her a new life. She developed autism when she was very young, and did not like interacting with others. She developed severe neurasthenia and stomach disease, as well. After she started practicing Falun Gong, the broad and profound principles gradually dissolved the knots in her heart. She became optimistic and did not haggle over her gains and losses either.

However, under the excuse of maintaining stability before the Olympic Games, on July 5, 2008, after two days of surveillance, police officers from Chaoyangdao Police Station arrested Ms. Luo. On July 10, 2008, Mr. Liu was arrested by Chen Hong, director of State Security Division under Lubei District Police Department. At present, both Mr. and Mrs. Liu are detained in No.1 Detention Center in Tangshan City and enduring the physical abuse.

On July 10, 2008, Ms. Luo's sister and many other practitioners were also arrested. Among them, Ms. Zhang Yueqin, who lives on the sixth floor, refused to open her door when the police knocked. The police employed two fire trucks with scaling ladders and broke in through two of her windows. Ms. Zhang, her husband and their daughter were all arrested, and more than 600,000 yuan in cash was seized.

Zhou Yongkang, Secretary of the CCP's Political and Judiciary Committee, had given arrest quotas to the police. In Tangshan City, the quota within a district was 30 practitioners. From May 1 to July 21, 2008, in Tangshan City alone, 71 practitioners were arrested, and 3 practitioners were forced to leave their homes and become destitute and homeless.

The CCP has violated the spirit of the Olympic Games, and is pursuing a brutal and bloody violation of human rights in the name of the Olympics.

Chaoyangdao Police Station

Lubei District Police Department; Chen Hong, who arrested Mr. Liu Guoyao, works on the fourth floor.