(Clearwisdom.net) Most people's computers have popular software from such famous names as Microsoft, Adobe and many others, any of which may have security gaps that allow outsiders to hack the computer. Software companies publish patches or upgrades after these security gaps are found, and customers can remove these loopholes by installing the updates. Unfortunately, with dozens of software programs installed, many of us do not have time to keep track of these upgrades.

Some practitioners' computers have been hacked through such security gaps in Word, Flash, Skype, etc. Others have unwittingly sent malicious .pdf or .doc files, or been diverted to malicious websites.

Some technically savvy practitioners now recommend the installation of free security software called Secunia PSI. The software automatically scans all the software installed on your computer and reports security loopholes. Generally, Secunia PSI will provide you the links to download upgrades or methods to remedy the loopholes. Secunia is considered to be a reputable company, and the software safe to use.

Note: This software is for Windows machines only. It will not run on Mac or Linux.

Webpage of Secunia PSI: https://psi.secunia.com/
Please check md5 after download: 50cc2e3b411a4bd1530f49d73eda5c32 , and file size: 500KB.

After downloading, it can be installed quickly with default settings. Then Secunia PSI will automatically scan your computer and report to you any insecure software with links for upgrades.

You should click the links- the small dark blue round icon with a white arrow in the middle. Download the upgrades for the software and install them.

Whenever you start your computer, Secunia PSI will run automatically. When you move your mouse to the Secunia icon at the bottom right hand corner, it should show zero insecure software and zero end-of-life software. If either of the numbers is not zero, it means software in your computer has known security gaps. You need to open Secunia PSI and click the corresponding links to download patches, and uninstall any End-of-Life software.

Note: Installation of Secunia PSI does not protect your computer by itself. Whenever you receive reports of insecure software, you should download and install the patches following the links provided by PSI, and then your computer is protected.

July 1, 2008