(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of May 31, 2008, Mr. Li Xianzhong, Mr. Yu You and Mr. Chen Jian of Beixing Farm in Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province were arrested by officers from the Beixing Farm Police Department. At around 9:00 a.m. on June 3, 2008, officer Zhang Chunhua, along with another officer (said to be Zhao Yingguang) came to the No. 13 Work Team and visited the residences of those villagers who had contact with Mr. Li Xianzhong. They deceived the villagers into signing documents "verifying" that Li Xianzhong said he gave the villagers truth-clarification materials. They went to another family and said, "Mr. Yu You said that he gave your family a satellite dish and Li Xianzhong said that he gave you truth-clarification materials." The ridiculous part of these claims is that these villagers don't even know who Mr. Yu You is. The police used these despicable means to frame the practitioners.

At 1:00 p.m. that day, the police department sent a note to Mr. Li Xianzhong's family and Chen Jian requesting some supplies. When Chen Jian's wife went to deliver the things, she was interrogated by Zhao Yingguang. Later Zhang Chunhua and Zhao Yingguang drove to the No. 13 Team and then to the No. 8 Team. Xia Kuai, the No. 8 Team party secretary, used a loudspeaker to announce, "Those who have Falun Gong truth clarifying VCDs or other materials should all hand them over." Xia Kuai then led the officers to the homes of a few villagers. Zhao Yingguang and Zhang Chunhua used the same despicable means to deceive the villagers, by saying, "Chen Jian told us that he gave you some VCDs and materials during the New Year. You have to sign this document to confirm." It is said that five families signed the document without even being allowed to read what was written on it. With so much commotion being created, the villagers signed the documents out of fear.

At around 3:00 p.m. on June 11, 2008, Zhao Yingguang and another police officer came to Mr. Li Xianzhong's house. They used the same despicable method to deceive Li Xianzhong's aged father into signing one of these falsified documents.

Due to the arrests of Li Xianzhong, Chen Jian and Yu You, their family members are suffering great mental pressure and pain. Now it is the busiest time during the harvest period. Chen Jian's wife, the aged father of Li Xianzhong and his wife do not have the ability to do the farming all by themselves. The police are using these kind and honest villagers, who are afraid of being implicated, to help them persecute practitioners.

The police officer always use these words, "The CCP has given you money to spend. You farmers don't even do honest work in the field and then you get involved with this, (pointing to the VCDs, materials and satellite dish). For what reason? You know that this is against the CCP." Faced with the intimidation from these accusations, the down to earth farmers signed out of fear and did exactly what the Communist agents instructed them to.

Supplementary facts: When Chen Jian (No. 8 Team member) was arrested, Gao Fengyuan (No. 8 Team leader) and party secretary Xia Kuai went to the police department to bail him out, police officer Zhang Liguo threatened them, "You have a lot of guts to bail him out. If anything happens, you will lose your job as an official."

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