San Francisco: Falun Gong Contingent Warmly Received in Redwood City Independence Day Parade (Photos)

( On the Fourth of July, American Independence Day, Redwood City in the San Francisco Bay area held its annual grand parade. The Falun Gong contingent was one of the 527 groups participating in the parade. Major coordinator of the parade and Chairman of the Peninsula Celebration Association Robert Slusser said that they have been inviting muti-cultural groups in the past years to take part in the parade, and the Falun Gong group has been bright, colorful, and their performances excellent.

Flushing Resident: "The Time for the Public at Large to Support You Has Begun" (Photos)

( The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) instigated mobsters to attack Falun Gong practitioners in Flushing, New York beginning on May 17, 2008. Falun Gong practitioners remained steadfast and continued their truth-clarification activities in Flushing. After finding out what happened, the local residents of Flushing took the initiative of supporting Falun Gong and resisting the CCP's evil aggression.

Canada: Truth Clarification on Canada Day in Calgary (Photos)

( Falun Gong practitioners in Calgary, Alberta were invited to participate in the Canada Day celebration in Prince Island Park on July 1, 2008.


Many people visited the truth-clarification display

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