(Clearwisdom.net) I am a young female practitioner who has been practicing Dafa for nine years. Although I have always done the three things, there were times when I was not diligent. Because I have two children, I can only really rest late at night. I have a lot of attachments to ordinary entertainment programs, movies, and downloading things from the Internet. I used this time for relaxation and didn't view going to the Clearwisdom website as important. For the past few weeks I have been reading Clearwisdom. I have been deeply moved by fellow practitioners' articles, and the experience has helped me make breakthroughs in my own relaxed state of mind. I changed my daily habit of visiting ordinary people's websites to visiting the Clearwisdom website. I have become more and more diligent as a result. Every time I read articles by fellow practitioners, I can see my own attachments or notions that conceal ordinary human mentalities. Many of my questions are answered. Of course I realize that the website is not a substitute for studying the Fa, but reading the articles has helped me to look within more. I can further reflect clearly on the Fa principles of compassion, saving people, the greatness of tolerance, and keeping my righteous thoughts as solid as a rock. These experiences are what Fa rectification Dafa disciples who have assimilated to the Fa have learned from the Fa. Practitioners seldom meet face to face, but the Clearwisdom website has become our main method of exchanging ideas.

After frequently visiting the Clearwisdom website, I have found I have stronger righteous thoughts and I do the three things more diligently. Previously I found people to clarify the truth to, but now it seems that sentient beings on the street are taking the initiative to talk to me to hear the truth. It is like the side of them that understands feels a sense of urgency. Persuading them to do the three withdrawals is easy for me as well. I feel like it is Master who brings the people with predestined relationships to me so that they can be saved.

I suggest that those practitioners who are not diligent visit the Clearwisdom website everyday. They should stand firm in their righteous thoughts and do the three things well that Master has told us to do.