(Clearwisdom.net) As the Olympic Games approach, the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) behavior has increasingly become irrational, creating ever more resentment among the people. The following are some of what I saw and heard in a city of Hebei Province.

The head of the City Party Committee ordered the police from the political and judicial departments to be on combat-ready alert, and to tightly watch and control the identified target groups of people. One government department head complained, "I am really tired of this. One needs to attend meetings and go over documents every day. The government branch officials are forced to sign their names on "letters of responsibility." If anything goes wrong, the concerned officials will be sacked and certainly punished. It's really hard to be a government official these days!"

Another government branch official said, "Twenty people from our workplace have been assigned to go to the countryside to cover the villages in a township. They need to sleep and eat in the villages, so as to watch the villagers all the time. They need to note down and report which families have received visitors or have family members who have left the villages. They even need to write down the unoccupied houses, barns, or cellars. It's as if we're turning the country into one big prison!"

A manager found a Falun Gong practitioner in his workplace and said, "The higher level officials have asked the work units to take back the identification cards of Falun Gong practitioners, assign people to watch the practitioners, and from now on, forbid the practitioners from going out." This practitioner asked, "Did you know that this is against the Constitution and the law?" The manager responded, "I know, but I don't have any other choice. The CCP makes all the rules. You should try to understand my predicament. Who really wants to do these kind of bad things?" The practitioner said, "You do this because you are under the threats and pressures of the CCP, which I can understand. Although you have no choice regarding what you have to do, you can make a choice on your actions. I hope you can handle this well!" In some regions, Falun Gong practitioners' personal identification cards have been taken away by force. If the practitioners did not hand their identification cards over, their homes would be ransacked, and they were illegally arrested.

Because of the curfew, certain grocery stores have not gotten their food in time, while other types of stores could not bring in their merchandise. One old cadre said indignantly, "Is this how other countries handle hosting the Olympics? The Chinese government is acting like it was under attack. The military is enforcing the curfew. Even the passing of vehicles is restricted. Plants, mines, hotels, and schools are closed. To put it simply, the CCP is just afraid of people gathering for whatever reason. The CCP has turned each region into a prison where people are being detained. With people detained in their homes, the CCP has no worries. Yesterday on television, the head of the Party Committee said, 'Arrest those who should be arrested, detain those who should be detained, and don't be lenient.' Is any other country so afraid of its own citizens? I think that we really should re-examine this government."

One policeman said, "It was said during a meeting that in this special period, everything can be managed using non-routine ways. For those who want to appeal to higher level government agencies, they can be arrested regardless of what they want to appeal about." Another policeman complained, "We are really suffering. Checkpoints are set up everywhere, and police are sent to watch and control every road, so as to block and prevent people from going out. Although the Games have not even started yet, we are already exhausted."

One lower government branch official said, "When the Olympic Games were held in other countries, it was an extravaganza of sports. In China, the Olympic Games have become a burden to the Chinese people. In China, politics has been injected into the Olympic Games, and it has become an 'image project' for the CCP. It wants to use it to cover up its bad human rights record, so as to give foreign visitors a false impression of peacefulness and prosperity. However, the actual result is not what the CCP expected. Instead, it has caught the world's attention and is being denounced."

There are places where, to ensure the smooth relay of the Olympic Torch, government officials have become very paranoid. In the Daqing area, on July 12 when the Olympic Torch Relay was coming through, middle and elementary school students were ordered to go back into the school buildings, where they were watched by the teachers as the torch passed through. In many work units, the employees were ordered to stay after work, including the weekend, so that they could be watched.

Holding the Olympic Games, in itself, should be a good thing for the host country. When China was granted the right to hold the Olympic Games, every Chinese was happy and hoped that it would bring great honor to the Chinese nation. However, under the control of the CCP, what has been shown on the Chinese Central Television (CCTV) is different from what people really know to be taking place in China. As the Olympic Games are approaching, how many families have been torn apart, how many people have been tortured to death, and how much suffering have people been forced to endure, all in the name of the Olympic Games? One old cadre said it well, "Who knows what else will happen before the Games? I am afraid that the prisons will be filled with people."

All Chinese people know the sayings, "Water can both carry and overturn the boat" and "Those who are acknowledged by the people will win power; otherwise, they will lose it." The CCP will not change its evil nature. The Beijing Olympic Games has become a nightmare for many Chinese people because of the CCP's actions. When the CCP made promises when it applied for the right to hold the Olympic Games, it was deceiving not only the Chinese people, but also the world.