A few days ago we went to see our son in a labor camp. The labor camp requires visitors to promise not to practice Falun Gong, otherwise they are not allowed to see their family members. In order to see our son, we made such a promise against our will. We realize we were attached to sentimentality. Our attachment to see our son was taken advantage of by the evil, and we feel very regretful for letting Teacher down. We solemnly declare what we said that day to be void and nullified, and we will follow Teacher and be genuine Dafa practitioners.

Xu Minfan and Ren Fulan

June 29, 2008


On the night of May 12, 2007, I went with a fellow practitioner to distribute truth clarification materials. We were both arrested, and I was detained in a police station. From May 12-16, 2007, I was subjected to interrogation, and I was made to sit in a chair with both my hands and feet chained. During the interrogation I told on my fellow practitioners. On May 16, 2007 I was transferred to a detention center. The center refused to take me after an examination found I had high blood pressure, so I was taken back to the police station. The police then called my daughter to come and take me home. The second day I found out that my daughter utilized her social connections and paid a bribe in exchange for my release. While I was in the detention center, the police ransacked my home. Out of fear, my children burned most of my Dafa books and threw away my MP3 player containing Teacher's audio lectures. I now declare all the things I did and said that did not conform to Dafa to be void and nullified. I will do the three things well and cultivate to the very end.

Lu Lian

June 25, 2008