(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, using the pretext of the upcoming Olympics, the Chinese Communist Part (CCP) has intensified the persecution of Falun Gong. According to incomplete statistics, from late last year to June 30, 2008, there have been 8,037 arrest incidents involving Falun Gong practitioners, and reports of practitioners being tortured to disability or death continue to surface. During July of this year, there has been a steady increase in reports posted on the Clearwisdom website relating to these developments, and the ruling regime is becoming increasingly rampant with their mass arrests.

About 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been unlawfully arrested during the past six months, adding to the tens of thousands of practitioners already in prisons, forced labor camps, brainwashing centers, concentration camps and psychiatric hospitals. This constitutes the biggest human rights disaster in the world today. It is happening right amidst the Chinese people, and under the very noses of the International Olympic Committee officials. It has been mentioned again and again to government officials and politicians who plan to attend the Beijing Olympics. Furthermore, the persecution has been funded with the blood and sweat of the Chinese people and with the money constantly infused into the Communist regime's economy from financial groups in various countries. Worse still, the targets of the persecution are Falun Gong practitioners who follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and who have won respect, high praise and proclamations around the world.

In the face of such a huge human rights disaster, many onlookers still turn deaf ears, and to prevent disruption in their own economic benefits, gloss over the evilness of the CCP by prettifying it, effectively boosting its courage, and infuse money, which allows it to linger on during its steady decline. Due to being conditioned to blindly following the CCP, many people in China are dead set on following the evil regime in the persecution of Falun Gong. They hate Falun Gong and are possessed by evil spectres. They have completely lost any sense of reason and have reduced themselves to lackeys of the evil regime. Others, though sympathetic toward Falun Gong and not happy with the regime's state terrorism, fear its despotic power, speaking against their conscience and doing things against their wills. They don't dare step forward to expose the facts and uphold justice.

The situation outside of China is different, and most governments, groups and individuals in various countries have the freedom of expression and have channels by which they can exert pressure. They have the strong power to help stop the persecution. But because they are content with superficial human rights and the facade of freedom and justice, and because they only care about their own state interests, or the interests of their own financial groups or themselves, deliberately turn a deaf ear to the atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist regime.

For example, the authorities and the police in Macau acted like they were going to war simply because a few people wanted to conduct a "Human Rights Torch Relay." The ugly conduct of the authorities and police was more than enough to reveal just how quickly and deeply they have assimilated to the Communist regime. "Eutelsat," in order to obtain a supposed financial gain from the CCP, plotted to use NTDTV as a pawn from the very beginning, and it went even so far as to suddenly cutting off NTDTV's transmission signal to China in June 2008, then offering the excuse that the service disruption was a "technical anomaly." Eutelsat's so-called moral caliber, moral ethics and business principles have reduced to nothing. When the African officials happily attend the "extravaganza" they will know very well that since the Chinese Communist Party offered a high price, they gladly became members of the clique. The Asians are next to the Communists, and they have been concerned that such a huge monster is not easy to deal with. There might indeed be no real alternative for them, but to ingratiate themselves to the Communist regime. But what about the government officials in Europe and the United States? They have substantial platforms and influence to pressure the Communists and they have a big enough banner of justice and freedom to influence other parts of the world. But even they choose to help the villain do evil, and are busy themselves currying favor with the regime, thus binding themselves with the Beijing Olympics, the hoodlum CCP and last red dynasty.

Cause and effect are predestined according to heavenly principles, and there are no exceptions in the eastern or western cultures. It can be predicted that all those who have gained favor from the regime will have to double their repayment, and all those who expect to get more benefits from it will get nothing in the end. All those who have directly or indirectly strengthened it and thus helped to intensify the persecution will be viewed as accomplices in the eyes of gods and will face the same fate as the evil regime itself. Even more frightening is that some Chinese people living in China have heard of or seen many brutal examples, yet they nonetheless act as hired thugs or take a detached or numb attitude toward the atrocities. How would gods and the future China position these people?

Many people don't understand why frequent disasters not only target China, but also the whole world. Why is it that among the ordinary people of China, groups of hundreds, tens of thousands, or millions of people die from traffic accidents, earthquakes, and epidemics? Why is it that the heavenly warnings take place not only in China but also everywhere else in the world? Why is it that the facts about Falun Gong must be spread to the entire world and to every human being? Because gods take every person's attitude and action towards Falun Gong and the persecution most seriously. It is a key yardstick for attaining a heavenly realm, and gods look at peoples' hearts. This is an opportunity for individuals and mankind as a whole to determine whether they will be unfortunate or fortunate, whether they will sink low or ascend. During this process, whoever has played a negative role will bring disaster to themselves as well as their group or country, and disasters are already occurring one after the other. Who can guarantee that even bigger disasters won't be forthcoming? In the eyes of heaven, the world is now in an extremely urgent state, and the outcome depends on peoples' hearts.

Think about it, close to 10,000 people have been unlawfully arrested in the last six months, and tens of millions of people have been persecuted during the past nine years. Falun Gong practitioners and people with a sense of justice have been kindly clarifying the facts to the whole world from the very beginning, and during this time there have appeared propitious omens, unusual signs, and warnings around the world to awaken peoples' conscience. If after all these warnings, people still don't awaken, and are still unable to see the evil nature of the CCP, and unable or unwilling to step forward to voice their opposition to the persecution, then how will the relevant countries, their leaders, and other groups and individuals be measured in the eyes of gods?

Good advice jars on the ear, and good medicine tastes bitter. Since there are people who are stubborn and indifferent toward these matters, there will certainly be a disastrous consequence awaiting them. This is a consequence they have chosen for themselves. For those individuals and groups who are numb and apathetic, who are intoxicated with the Communists' brainwashing, who disregard morals in favor of gains, who dance with the evil and help a tyrannical power to do evil, what can they expect in the end, except for a taste of their own bitter fruit? There is not a small number of such people, and their future is most worrisome! Gods are merciful, but gods cannot wait forever for the wrongdoers to enlighten.