(Clearwidsom.net) I am twelve years old. I started to cultivate Falun Gong at a young age. During this year, I was not diligent enough. I did not pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. This resulted in a lot of interference in my daily life and studies. I began to play more and became lost in everyday people's things. Recently when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I again had the good feeling I had when I was diligent. I would like to share my experience below.

With the encouragement from my mother, I decided to place importance on sending forth righteous thoughts. As my divine eye is open, my mother asked me, "What divine weapon did you use to eliminate the evil recently?" I told her that I am still using the sword. My mother told me that it was best to seek out the evil from the den where they were hiding and then eliminate them. I then said, "Broom, sweep the evil away." My mother said that a broom was not appropriate. "Falun can save oneself by turning inward and save others by turning outward" (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun) and was extremely powerful. Thus we sat down to send forth righteous thoughts. During the first five minutes when my hands were conjoined, I had a thought. Then a golden Falun came out from my lower abdomen and rotated while sending out golden rays. It sucked away all the unclean elements from the surroundings and sent these things into a little container that I had used before. This container was called the "evil dissolving bottle" and in there all unclean things are being eliminated. It was wonderful.

At 6:00 p.m. we erected our palms to send forth righteous thoughts. At that moment the Falun became bigger and bigger until it was as big as the circle I held above my head with my arms during the second Falun Gong exercise. It floated about one meter above my head. I felt my body expand and I felt like I was a huge divine being siting in the universe. There were golden rays radiating from the top of my head. The rays formed a pagoda and covered me. Tens of thousands of small Falun came out from the golden rays. After rotating for a while, Falun set off and started to chase after the rotten ghosts. They flew and rotated quickly at the same time. They had a battle with the rotten ghosts who looked like dish cloths, without a defined shape, and were black and dirty looking. These rotten ghosts were helpless and all they could do was to quickly run away. They ran for their lives and at this time a small Falun became many little dragons and chased after the rotten ghosts. The dragons flew and surrounded the rotten ghosts and fixed them down. Then it bit them to death with one bite. My "evil dissolving bottle" came over and the leftovers of the ghosts were sucked inside. The evil ghosts were eliminated in a blink of an eye and the little dragon became a small Falun again. Very quickly the little Falun returned to the golden rays around me.

At this time, a black shadow appeared. It was wearing a black shroud and looked extremely evil. Recently when sending forth righteous thoughts, I frequently saw it. As I did not concentrate enough, I was unable to eliminate it. It held a small silver wheel in its hands. When it spread its hands, the silver wheel emanated evil light. At that time a small Falun flew out and battled with it. But the small Falun was attacked by the evil light and came back. All the small Falun set off to battle with the silver wheel. But after much tussle, we could not do anything to the black clothed person. The big Falun on top of my head saw the situation and immediately moved out and shone its rays on the silver wheel. Within a little while, the silver wheel was destroyed and became a wisp of smoke. The black clothed person wanted to turn around and escape. But he only took two steps and became very small. He was dissolved and sucked into the bottle too.

Then a red faced general came towards me. I saw that he looked honest and reliable, thus I gave him my command seal to clean up the mess. After he took the command seal he looked at me with a guilty conscience and walked away quickly. I suddenly felt that he looked strange and thus I dragged him back and asked him what was wrong. He was so frightened that the did not say anything and his red face expanded and turned purple. I knew that it was evil and thus I put it inside the bottle too.

I stopped sending forth righteous thoughts and the golden rays around me disappeared. The big Falun on top of my head slowly became smaller and receded into my tummy. A battle with the evil had ended. I eliminated the evil and fulfilled my mission.

I hope that fellow practitioners will also pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. You must concentrate while sending forth righteous thoughts and must not let your thoughts go astray. If not, the evil will take advantage of your loopholes. I also want to remind young practitioners to become more diligent and not be too involved in play and neglect sending forth righteous thoughts properly. Let us walk this sacred path well and fulfill our promise and vows to the sentient beings that we are offering salvation to.