(Clearwisdom.net) The public security office of Liaoyuan, Jilin, recently decided to use the Olympic Games as an excuse for illegally arresting local practitioners. Recently, authorities in Liaoyuan have arrested and illegally sentenced many practitioners to forced labor camps.

On May 11, 2008, a police officer from the sub-bureau at Liaoyuan, Jilin captured Falun Gong practitioners Ma Dongyan, Lan Feng, and Duan Lifeng. Officers from the Nankang Sub-bureau captured practitioners Zheng Chunling, Yu Donghui, and Zhang Jinfeng. The Dongji Sub-bureau captured practitioners Zhao Lijuan, Li Min, Li Huanjun, and Xu Hongwei.

The city's Public Security Bureau has a police officer named Gao Yusheng who continuously tracks, stalks, and secretly videotapes Falun Gong practitioners, so as to be able to secretly sentence practitioners and extort "confessions" from them. Gao Yusheng also tortured practitioner Lan Feng using torture methods such as the "sitting on the metal chair," and "the black hood," which caused Lan Feng's health to become frail.

On June 18, Liaoyuan City Falun Gong practitioners Lan Feng, Zhao Lijuan, Ma Dongyan, and Zheng Chunling were illegally arrested.

In late June, practitioner Zhang Jinfeng was interrogated. On June 30, practitioners Zhao Lijuan and Yu Donghui were arrested, and on July 1, practitioners Xu Hongwei and Zhang Lizhi were arrested.

Falun Gong practitioners Wang Shufen, Yang Shuyan, Zhang Guifen, Li Min, Sun Fuyun, and Tan Yulan have been sent to forced labor camps.

Practitioner Wang Hongzhen has been sentenced to five years, and is currently being held at a detention center.

Practitioners Li Xingyu and Zhang Yuping are on the so-called, "out-of-prison-monitoring" program, and have been sent home.

The people primarily responsible for the capture of practitioners are: Ren Jianbo, Liaoyuan, Jiling Public Security Bureau's head, along with Xu Degui, secretary of the Political and Law Commission, and Guobao party members Gao Yusheng, Xu Hui, and Wang Xiuquan.

Other people involved in persecuting Dafa practitioners:
Xu Degui, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection
Guobao Party's directors: He Kun, Ma Yingbo, Wang Xiuquan, Gao Yusheng
Dongji branch members: Lian Weihua, Zhang Jingjie, Zhou Chuan, Fu Dehui, Li Bing, and Hu Shilong
Ma Da, Nankang branch member
Song Fubin, Xiang Yang branch member
Li Dinghua, Public Security Bureau
Ge Jianhua, detention center
Guo Yujie, guard/watchman