(Clearwisdom.net) "A Pony Crossing the River" is a fairy tale I learned when I was a child. In the story, the pony speaks to a bull and a squirrel before he crosses a river. Each animal offers the pony a different point of view. The bull tells the pony that the water is shallow and the squirrel believes that the water is deep, since one of his friends drowned in it. In the end, the pony crosses the river successfully and he finds that the water is not as shallow as the bull had indicated nor as deep as the squirrel thought.

In cultivation, we often hear different opinions from friends, relatives, and fellow practitioners at different levels. When something happens, what should we do? Of course we should follow Teacher's Fa, but sometimes we are easily swayed by external factors and our own human notions. We all have to walk our own path.

In Fa study, if we can step out of self, without any notions, attachments, or fear, whatever we enlighten to is from Dafa. As long as we follow what we have enlightened to from the Fa, we will be able to walk our path. We should look at ourselves as an enlightened being and do whatever we should do.

My enlightenment is from Fa study, not from the fairy tale. It's just that it is easier to illustrate my thoughts using a story