(Clearwisdom.net) Many Falun Dafa practitioners have learned the Fa and practiced the exercises for over ten years now. We have all experienced the transition from being everyday people to practitioners, and then further realizing our responsibilities as Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners. Although we are still living in the human world, we already have divine power, and eradicating the evil is our inherent responsibility. So why should we ever hesitate to do what we should do? We can no longer look at problems with human notions. Human notions must be abandoned so our divine powers may come forth. When we truly act like this, can the evil remain around us?

Practitioners in our area joined together in eradicating the evil during a raid on July 4, 2008. Several policemen attempted to persecute a practitioner near Dongerhuan. When one of the practitioners found police officers downstairs in the building where a fellow practitioner lived, he immediately sent forth strong righteous thoughts. He also notified other nearby practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil and resist the persecution. Under the power of practitioners' righteous thoughts, the officers were not able to enter the practitioner's apartment, and they remained downstairs for the whole morning, finally leaving around noon.

However, there was also a big lesson to be learned from what happened on July 4, 2008. That day, police officers from the Changfeng Police Station harassed practitioners. They pried open the doors of several practitioners' homes with a crowbar and ransacked their homes. On the following day, a practitioner who was not persecuted said, "If the police insist on entering practitioners' homes, nothing will be able to stop them." This one thought acknowledged the evil, and the next day this practitioner's home was also broken into and ransacked. Good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought.

There is a well-known female practitioner who maintains strong righteous thoughts at all times. When the police tried to harass her, she used her divine powers to protect her residence, and did not allow the evil to interfere with her. The officers attempting to find her home went around the block several times, but were unable to find her home number. Eventually they found her son's home and told him not to allow his mother to travel around needlessly, and then left hurriedly.

In the final battle between good and evil today, do we want to be people who are persecuted by the evil or divine beings that eradicate the evil in other dimensions? Our every thought is decisive. With righteous thoughts we eradicate evil and walk on the path to godhood. We must save sentient beings and rescue the cosmos. Let us become Dafa practitioners worthy of our missions and have no regrets on the final path of cultivation.