(Clearwisdom.net) There are several practitioners in our region who are still suffering detention and torture in the local prison. To help these imprisoned fellow practitioners come home sooner, to alleviate the pressure on them in prison, and to eliminate more evil, we decided to make use of the opportunity of family visitation to go to the prison and send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity.

Practitioners unanimously agreed that to send forth righteous thoughts close to the evil's den is the most effective way to eliminate the evil.

One day a detained practitioner's family was scheduled to visit him, and fellow practitioners planned to go with his family members to the prison. Prior to visitation day, practitioners had clarified the truth to his family members and told them that practitioners wanted to see the detained practitioner and help him through the difficult time. Therefore, the family agreed to have fellow practitioners go with them for the visitation. A vehicle was rented for the trip that could hold nine passengers, but since many practitioners wanted to go, ultimately twelve people road in the van.

Practitioners had a group Fa study on the way to the prison and sent forth righteous thoughts on the hour. In the beginning, everything was smooth. However, after they got on the expressway, the interference began. During sending forth righteous thoughts, it became hard for practitioners to keep a clear mind; but this phenomenon was not taken seriously by practitioners. As they had been to prisons and other evil's dens to send forth righteous thoughts, some took it for granted that it would be an easy and familiar trip. Thus practitioners lowered their guard and did not treat every moment with righteous thoughts, leaving loopholes for the evil. While riding in the vehicle, the passengers felt a slight bump. The experienced driver realized there was a problem and stopped the vehicle to check the problem. It turned out that a rear tire was flat.

Practitioners realized it must not be accidental and immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. It was usually not easy to change the tire on the expressway. When big trucks passed by, the strong gusts it caused seems to be able to blow people away. With the positive effect of righteous thoughts, there were not many vehicles passing by and the driver spent only fifteen minutes replacing the flat tire with the spare.

By then all practitioners on board started to treat the visitation seriously. After a while, it rained heavily with scattered thunder. The car then began to run out of gas. Several gas stations did not allow for gas filling due to the policy that no gas filling was allowed in a thunderstorm. It must be the evil's interference again that attempted to hinder us from going to the prison for sending forth righteous thoughts.

Practitioners all agreed that we were doing the most righteous thing and the evil was not entitled to interfere. Then we started sending forth righteous thoughts together: "The rain must stop immediately," we thought. It was effective right away and the rain became less and stopped after a while. The driver filled the gas tank, after which the heavy rain resumed.

As we approached the evil's den, we kept sending forth righteous thoughts. Some practitioners saw through their celestial eyes that dark matter filled the whole dimension and our vehicle ran like a glowing sharp sword cutting forward and the dark matter was dispersed immediately upon contact.

After we arrived at the prison, the weather was cool and pleasant and the rain stopped gradually. After parking outside, some practitioners accompanied the family to go through the visitation procedure, while other practitioners stayed in the vehicle sending forth righteous thoughts every half hour. The evil kept interfering with the visitation. Although the family received a number that was required by the prison authorities, they were not arranged by the authorities to see their family member according to this number. Some other prisoners' families who came later than us were able to get in before us to see their family members.

Practitioners still kept sending forth righteous thoughts constantly and calmly. Then they were finally able to the detained practitioner, who was in good spirits. Fellow practitioners expressed their encouragement silently and sent out their thoughts to help the detained practitioner recite the Fa more, send forth righteous thoughts more, and get out of the evil's den soon.

After sending forth righteous thoughts at twelve o'clock, the prison's dimension became clear and bright. We then began the trip back.

Sending forth righteous thoughts at close range to the evil's den can eliminate the evil beings and factors on a large scale, alleviate the suffering of detained practitioners, and at the same time win over the understanding and support from the detained practitioners' families. I hope practitioners from other regions can participate when conditions permit.

July 18, 2008