(Clearwisdom.net) As the Olympics approaches, the Guang'an government has been harassing, arresting and persecuting Falun Gong practitioners under orders laid out in secret documents by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). During the last three months, dozens of practitioners in various counties and townships of Guang'an City have been arrested, the oldest being over 80 years old. Some of these practitioners were illegally sent to forced labor camps to be tortured without trial.

In early April 2008, practitioners Zhou Yuancheng, Yang Linxing, Ni Chuanlian and seven others were arrested. Those responsible for the arrests were officers from the State Security Group of Guang'an Police Station, officers from the Shisun Police Station, and personnel from the Baishi Town government.

Mr. Jiang Jiquan, who is in his eighties, lived alone in Hehua Village, Hengsheng Town, Guang'an City. On May 31, 2008, four people led by Fu Xiu, a cadre in Hengsheng Township government, arrested Mr. Jiang.

Ms. Tan Debi, in her sixties, lived in Sanxi Town, Wusheng County. She was arrested in May 2008, and is currently detained at the Wusheng County Detention Center, in Guang'an City. Those involved in the persecution are from the State Security Group, Wusheng County Police Station and the local police station.

At around 5:00 on June 26, 2008, several practitioners were arrested at practitioner Yang's home in Guang'an, including Li Mingqiu, Li Wenlian, Luo Hongqin, Yang Xueqin, Li Keming, Luo Daxing, Peng Dongying, and others.

On the evening of June 28, 2008, practitioner Mr. Peng Shiqiong from Huaying City was secretly arrested on the way to another practitioner's home in Guang'an. The practitioner had been detained, and it is believed that police were watching his home waiting for other practitioners. Peng Shiqiong had been sent to forced labor camps three times during the past nine years of persecution by the CCP, and was tortured in labor camps for a total of over six years.

Area code of Guang'an City: 0826
Relevant units and phone numbers in Guang'an City:
Party Committee of the City Government: 86-826-2333530, 86-826-2340615 (fax)
Standing Committee of the People's Congress, Guang'an City: 2333101
Guang'an City Government: 86-826-2333812
Jiang Weijun, political and legal party secretary, Party Committee of the City Government: 86-826-2347071
610 Office of Guang'an City: 86-826-2334610
Guang'an City Police Station:86-826-2332464, 86-826-2396351
State Security of Guang'an City Police Station: 86-826-2332464
Guang'an District Police Branch, Guang'an City Police Station: 86-826-2222456
Guang'an District Detention Center: 86-826-2240959 (office), Director Li, Instructor Liu
Wang Xiaolin, director of Wusheng County Police Station: 86-826-6212465 (office), 86-13908288299