(Clearwisdom.net) The New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) broadcast to China via Eutelsat is currently subject to interference. When we clarify the truth and eliminate evil, we also need to look inward, and find our deficiencies by comparing ourselves with the Fa. In this article, we would like to share our understandings with fellow practitioners; we welcome all comments on anything inappropriate.

Teacher asks us to walk a straight path when we validate the Fa: "Don't let the pursuit of some particular goal cause you to ignore the meaning of a Dafa disciple's existence." ("Walk Straight Your Path") In the process of NTDTV installations, there have always been controversial issues. The key issue is that some practitioners think that if we do not add the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) TV programs when installing NTDTV, then customers will not want NTDTV installed due to fewer channel offerings. Other practitioners think that we should walk a straight path and not allow CCP programs and their evil factors. We should not focus on short-term numbers. As long as we walk a straight path, the road ahead will become continually broader.

Our understanding leans toward the latter opinion. Some practitioners studied "A Clear and Clean Mind" and have a deep understanding of the concept.

"If a piece of literary work is not written with some sexual content, the book seems unable to sell since the issue of sales quantity is involved. If movies and television programs do not show footage of bedroom scenes, in terms of the audience ratings no one seems to watch them." (Zhuan Falun)

This tells us that it is inappropriate to use improper methods to achieve a goal.

If we do not add CCP TV programs in order to meet some demand, will this eliminate our audience? From their point of view, this is probably correct. From the point of view of gods, the issue will change. From yet another angle, there are many potential customers, and we simply have not attracted them yet. Some practitioners have estimated that there is at least one family per hundred willing to know the truth and watch NTDTV programs. When we apply this percentage, there is a considerable amount of customers in a city or county - more than a thousand, and perhaps more than ten thousand in a large city. However, our current situation is that our customer numbers are far short of this percentage.

There are probably two reasons why we have not attracted more customers. First, practitioners have not placed particular attention on these potential customers. When every practitioner considers promoting NTDTV as an effective Fa instrument to save sentient beings, this situation will change. There will be more customers and less interference. Second, some practitioners accommodate public thinking as a default, blindly cater to public demand, and install CCP TV programs. We considered this to be "normal," and did not realize that our righteous thoughts could change people's minds.

If all practitioners value and remember, "Be sure to walk a straight path. As long as we walk a straight path, we can promote comprehensively," the situation in our society will change. The NTDTV audience will eventually exist everywhere, and we will save more sentient beings. Evil will not dare to interfere with the NTDTV broadcasts!

We've learned many lessons from the experience gained by local practitioners who have participated in NTDTV projects. We would like to remind fellow practitioners that we may experience conflicts among ourselves due to our different understandings at different levels of the issues. Installing CCP TV programs is not meant to undermine the Fa, so we should do our best to cooperate with each other. Otherwise, it will be a great loss if a big gap exists among us.

With one more weapon, it will only bring you more convenience

During the process of NTDTV promotion, I've noticed that some practitioners who work hard to improve themselves or are responsible for coordination activities are usually in favor of promoting NTDTV. They do not however, participate in promotional activities themselves, because they think that they have limited capabilities. Our experience shows that paying attention to NTDTV promotion is just a change of mind-set, and does not change your previous Fa validation efforts. This is more like "joining" the project to validate the Fa after you "are determined to" do so. Practitioners who have participated in promoting NTDTV have found that their previous Fa validation efforts were unhindered. They now have another effective way to save sentient beings, as if it were another weapon. If posting flyers is like a bow and arrow to eliminate evil, then promoting NTDTV programs is like a nuclear bomb. The opportunities to save sentient beings become immeasurably amplified. The way to save sentient beings gets easier.