(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhang Xiulan, a resident of Tanghezi Community, Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, was arrested by officers from the Nuerhe Police Station on February 25, 2008. Her whereabouts were unknown to her family until her husband got an unexpected call in late June from agent Dai Yong (male) from the Domestic Security Section of the Taihe District Police Department saying, "Zhang Xiulan is in critical condition."

The family was shocked. On or around June 28, Ms. Zhang's mother, accompanied by a relative, went to the Domestic Security Section of the Taihe District Police Department and asked Dai Yong to let them visit Ms. Zhang. Dai replied, "The Zhang Xiulan case has been handed over to the court. It is out of my control. No one, not even the director of the department, may allow any visitors."

Dai inquired as to how the relative had attained his name. The relative answered, "Wasn't it you who called Zhang Xiulan's husband about her critical condition." Dai kept silent for a while and said, "Zhang Xiulan is OK now."

The receptionist then rudely expelled Ms. Zhang's mother and her relative. The mother went to the Jinzhou City First Detention Center, and after a phone call, the receptionist let her go upstairs. The only person on the second floor claimed to be responsible for communication only, saying he was not a decision maker. Upon being asked for the director, he said he did not know and pointed to the third floor. But there was no one on the third floor.

The trip to the detention center was fruitless. They did not get to see Ms. Zhang Xiulan, who was said to be in critical condition.

July 10, 2008