(Clearwisdom.net) I told almost everyone I knew about Falun Gong when I began clarifying the truth. Gradually, it seemed that I had no one else to talk to, and my enthusiasm left me. I even began to experience fear. After I watched Master's lecture video, "Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners," I suddenly woke up. People are eagerly waiting for us to offer them salvation, but for selfish reasons, I did not want to clarify the truth to strangers. Realizing this, I put my hands together in front of Master's portrait and asked Master to empower me, to allow me to offer salvation to all the people who had a predestined relationship with Dafa, and to fulfill my own prehistoric pledge. I now would like to share my experiences of clarifying the truth and offering people salvation.

1) Persuading those who believe in nothing to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations

Having made up my mind, I created my own cultivation environment in my small retail shop where I work and live most of the time. In the past, I thought this was a public place and not ideal for Fa study. Eventually I realized that my own actions had created this environment. I abandoned my human mentality and organized a Fa study group at my shop, and practitioners come regularly.

After regular group Fa study my xinxing improved in every respect. When I clarified the truth I met people who did not believe anything I said. Once during a conversation, a young man said to me, "Please stop talking! I don't believe anything you say!" Then he left promptly. I was not bothered at all. I said to Master in my heart, "Master, if he comes again, I will still try to save him." He indeed returned in the afternoon. I told him sincerely, "Young man, it looks like we have predestined relationship. Let's not miss a good opportunity. People say, 'The heavens will eliminate the CCP.' That is no joke. No one can evade heaven's mandate. Better be safe than sorry." He nodded in agreement. I said, "Do you believe good brings good and evil will be punished?" He said, "I believe that." So I told him, "That's right! Good people like you should stay as far away from the Party as possible. We don't deserve to die with the Party. Please consider quitting the party." He said, "OK, please help me quit."

Each time I persuade people I only have one purpose--offering them salvation. When I see people's attitude change from refusing to listen and refusing to believe, to wanting to quit the Party, Master's great compassion overwhelms me. How can I not be more diligent?

2) Overcoming fear and persuading people to quit the CCP

When I meet people who fear the CCP, I usually put them at ease first. I say, "Heaven and earth all know about this; it is not just for humans. The gods only look at a person's heart. Let me give you an assumed name [to use for quitting the CCP]." I also appeal to their good side: "You know the CCP persecutes only the good people, and its methods are very cruel. Good people like you don't want to be part of something that bad, do you?" Soon, most of them lose some of their fear and agree to quit.

Once I was explaining the facts to a street vendor from out of town. She was so nervous that her eyes were blinking nonstop. She also looked in all directions, as if someone was coming to get her. She said, "I don't want to hear this. I'm scared!" I sent righteous thoughts and said to her, "Don't be afraid. This is the best thing for you. I am not frightened. What are you scared of?" She smiled but did not say anything. A few days later I again told her the facts. This time she was not that nervous and told me she needed to think it over. Two days later I had a chance to talk to her yet again. I told her to recite, "Falun Dafa is great," saying it would bring her and her family good fortune. She agreed. The next day she came to tell me excitedly, "It was amazing! Now I know why people in so many countries are practicing Falun Gong despite the CCP's persecution and why the number of practitioners is increasing by the day." She told me she had pain in her chest and shoulder, but the previous evening she began to repeat, "Falun Dafa is great. Master is great!" and her pains vanished. Her husband had a cough. He also repeated these words, and his cough stopped that day. She told me to help all four in her family to quit the Party. She said, "I had an inspiring dream last night in which I saw a wide, clear sky. Heaven's gate opened, and many deities in beautiful clothing were flying out of the gate. It was wonderful and magnificent." She was very happy when she woke up.

Later, when her father passed away, she went back to his funeral. She brought for her relatives many items with Dafa's message, encouraging them to quit the CCP. After the funeral she came to tell me, "My sisters all believed me and quit the Party without much hesitation." I feel happy for this woman and her sisters. Whenever I clarified the truth to other people later on, she would come to support me. This was additional evidence validating Dafa's beauty and power.

3) Relinquishing prejudice when offering people salvation

One day after just after I had finished clarifying the truth to a customer, I saw a man on crutches coming my way. When I noticed the man was not only crippled but also dirty, my first thought was to avoid him. But before I turned around, I suddenly remembered Master's compassion. I felt ashamed. Since he came through my door, he must be someone with a predestined relationship. Perhaps he had waited for this day for many lifetimes. With a smile on my face I greeted him and invited him into my shop. To my surprise he told me he had a copy of Zhuan Falun and had read it several dozen times already. He even shared his own understanding of the Fa with me and told me that this was the only book he had ever treasured in his entire life. A few days later he brought in a friend to have me help him quit the CCP and publish his announcement. This experience made me realize that Master gave me a hint: I should treat all people with compassion, hold no prejudice, and treasure everyone.

4) Staying calm and clarifying the truth in dangerous situations

One day I talked to a man with a Northeastern accent. A fellow practitioner walked in. When she saw me clarifying the truth she told the man, "What she is saying is all true!" She went on to tell the man my name and phone number. The man's face turned grim and he said, "I will remember everything about you two. I am in charge of the Falun Gong issue in the Northeast." He even displayed his work ID. I kept my cool while sending righteous thoughts and told the man, "I do not care what you do for a living. I must try my best to offer you salvation. When you respect Falun Gong, you will have a bright future. Those who have important jobs must be more careful. You should never do anything to endanger your future." He was moved, "Older sister (a cordial way to address women older than you in China), next time I come here, I will bring you a Falun Gong book. I should read the book also." After he left I provided feedback to the other practitioners. We realized we should be rational when clarifying the truth and not give out our too much unnecessary information.

Later on I had another, similar encounter. When I told a man about Falun Gong, he displayed his work ID and said, "How dare you tell me those things. I am a police officer!" I smiled, "No kidding. Had I not recognized your identity, I would not have told you those things." Looking directly into his eyes, I told him the principle of "Good deeds bring about good results, and evil will be punished." To my surprise he completely changed his attitude. At the time, the local police were detaining a fellow practitioner. He promised that he would try to secure the practitioner's release. He also asked me to register his announcement to quit the Party.

As I was writing this experience sharing a customer came in and asked, "What are you writing?" I raised my head and asked him what he needed. He raised his voice, "I know you are writing a paper about Falun Gong. I will call the police." I did not say anything but sent a righteous thought, "The evil is afraid of what I write, so I will not give it a chance to commit crimes against Dafa." My determination was very strong and my heart was full of compassion toward people. I told him, "Let me tell you a story, young man." After I shared my personal experience with him he changed his attitude, "I am sorry, older sister, I won't report you to the police!"

Each time I encounter such situations I stay unmoved and always send righteous thoughts to dissolve the evil factors. Under Master's protection I can always turn a dangerous situation around and remain unharmed.

5) Overcoming all difficulties and hurrying up to offer more people salvation

My husband passed away several years ago, and I have had to run the small shop alone. In addition, I have to take care of my grandson. My life has been hard, busy and stressful. But, empowered by Dafa, I have endured the hardships and complete the Three Things each day. As a result, my cultivation environment has gotten better and better. Not long ago, several urban planning enforcement people came to my shop. They said the county would dismantle my shop due to a new zoning change. I told this to several other practitioners. After our discussion I realized that I will only follow Master's arrangement and deny everything else. The zoning people eventually changed their mind about my shop. Instead of dismantling it, they want to increase my annual rent from 1,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan! I refused to go along with this financial persecution by the old forces and continued to send righteous thoughts to negate the evil interference. In the end, the rent was not raised. All my neighbors were amazed, because all other similar rentals were raised to 8,000 yuan.

My shop is in a good location with heavy foot traffic. But police cars also come more frequently. Despite that, nothing can forestall my efforts to offer sentient beings salvation. Each day when the doors open, I start clarifying the truth to my customers. I feel that everyone who comes to my shop looks familiar. Almost everyone who has listened to me has agreed to quit the Party and its affiliated organizations. I know that Master has brought me people with predestined relationships. I have never felt stronger about the importance and urgency of our tasks and am daily immersed in Master's boundless compassion.