(Clearwisdom.net) July 18 2008, over two thousand people from all walks of life rallied beside the Washington Monument in Washington, DC on Friday, in support of the 40 million people who have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth groups. Attendees condemned the CCP's persecution of Chinese people, especially the persecution of Falun Gong, demanding that the persecution is stopped.

The temperature nearly reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit under the noonday sun. The site of the rally was packed with banners reading "Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong" and "Support 40 million people resigning from Chinese Communist Party" standing against the sky. Beautiful music played in the background.

Rally in Washington DC

Leaders from Vietnamese and Laotian communities show their support

Chairperson of China Democratic Party Global Union Mr. Jun Wang publicly resigns from the CCP at the rally

The activity was broadcast live on the Internet by Sound of Hope radio and Youmaker, a Chinese-language website similar to Youtube. Over twenty speakers called for an end to the persecution, including representatives from CIPFG, Global Service Center for Quitting CCP, and Lawyers for Human Rights.

Mr. Dawei Gao said that resigning from the CCP is the most effective and peaceful way to stop the CCP's suppression of Chinese people. Gao said that the Chinese Communist Party will be tried for its crimes against the Chinese people, and that this day is coming quickly. He called on those who have joined the CCP (and its affiliated organizations, the Youth League and Young Pioneers), all of whom have vowed to sacrifice their life for Communism, to quit the CCP immediately, and not to go down with the CCP as it disintegrates.

Falun Gong is unbreakable

Human Rights Lawyer Mr. Ning Ye of DC got on his knees, both as a sign of respect to Falun Gong practitioners, and as an expression of guilt.

Ye said, "During the nine years being persecuted by Chinese Communist Party, Falun Gong practitioners persisted the belief in 'Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance', and their love to human kind has never changed. If they don't have this love, if they don't love their country and their folks so much, they don't need to be like today. Nowadays, almost every country bows to Chinese Communist Party, but only Falun Gong stands against the current of the new Fascism."

He continued, "What I see is, Falun Gong practitioners finish their daily work to support their families, then they work overtime (to end the persecution). They continued this for many years. It is very hard to find such a group of good people in the world. This group of people is not breakable. No matter how dark and muddy this world looks like today, Falun Gong will prevail. They represent new standards of moral and ethical principles."

"I believe I will see the day in my lifetime when all evil forces in China are cleaned up. The final victory belongs to Falun Dafa."

The persecution of Falun Gong must end immediately

Well known Canadian lawyer and director of CIPFG Mr. Clive Ansley said that the "Global Signature Drive" initiated by CIPFG has collected more than 1 million signatures. He said the persecution of Falun Gong must end immediately.

Since November 2004 when the book "Nine Commentaries on Communist Party" was published, people began to recognize the history of killing, the nature of the despotic rule, and the true nature of the Communist Party itself over the past hundred years. To date, more than 40 million people have awakened and resigned from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

The rally was supported by over 30 organizations including Global Quitting CCP Service Center, Virginia American Veterans Association, Association Against forced live organ harvesting, China Support Network, China Democratic Party Global Union, China Peace and Democratic Union, China Anti-Political Persecution Coalition, Chinese Asylum Association United States Branch, China Affairs, Committee to Support the Chinese Intellectuals Being Persecuted In Mainland China, and etc.