(Clearwisdom.net) At around 9:00 p.m. on July 3, 2008, a woman shouted from the window of her home in the Jinma Neighborhood of Yuhua District in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province: "My name is Mi Xiaozheng, and I am seven months pregnant! A group of police officers want to ransack my home, saying it's for the 'safety of the Olympics.' They detained me more than one year in 2006, deprived me of sleep for nearly ten days, beat and cursed me, and forced me to write a guarantee statement. They harassed me in 2007, threatened my family, and caused me extreme mental pressure, which resulted in a miscarriage. They are now here again. Folks, please come take a look!"

The officers gathered in her apartment came downstairs. One of them shouted from the street up to her window, saying that Ms. Mi needed to write a guarantee statement, but the rest were all silent. The shouting disturbed the neighbors, and the officers left with so many people watching.

Ms. Mi Xiaozheng, 30, was a student in the Civil Engineering Department of Chongqing University. After the persecution began, she had to suspend her studies due to her firm belief in Falun Dafa. In 2000, officers from the Donghuan (formerly Yudong) Police Station ransacked her home multiple times, harassed her, and forced her to leave home to avoid being persecuted. She was illegally arrested in 2002 and again in 2005, detained in brainwashing centers, and endured inhumane tortures such as sleep deprivation, was pressured to write statements to accept their brainwashing, and was beaten, cursed, and insulted.

In September 2007, officer Lan Xinhua (male) from the Donghuan Police Station and First Neighborhood Administration Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Secretary Wang Ling (female) of Jinma Community, harassed Ms. Mi's family, and tried to force them to write a guarantee statement with the excuse that the CCP's 17th Congress was going on. This intense harassment caused extreme mental pressure on Ms. Mi, who was two months pregnant. She had a miscarriage soon after.

On the evening of July 3, 2008, Lan Xinhua led a group of officers and came to her home again. Ms. Mi had already gone to bed, but her mother let them in. They ransacked their living room and her parents' bedroom, and wanted to enter Ms. Mi's bedroom. Her mother begged them not to disturb her, but they kept questioning her mother. Ms. Mi woke up, and shouted through her window. The family is very angry with these officers, who have again disturbed her pregnancy. They sincerely hope that she will not again have a miscarriage due to the harassment.

There have been increasing incidents of persecution in the past two months in Shijiazuang City, and many practitioners have been arrested and their homes ransacked, with the excuse that it is for "safety and stability" with the Olympics approaching.

Personnel involved in the persecution:

Donghuan Police Station officer Lan Xinhua (male): 86-13731096030 (Cell), 86-311-85658110
First Neighborhood Administration CCP Secretary Wang Ling (female): 86-311-85652547

Domestic Security Division of Yuhua District Police Department, Leader Zhang Jiansheng (male): 86-311-86122691, 86-13931976701 (cell)

Deputy Leader Han Dengfeng (male): 86-311-86122691
CCP Secretary Du Yaming (male, formerly CCP Secretary of Yudong Police Station, promoted due to actively joining the persecution)