(Clearwisdom.net) During this period of time, I have been faced with unprecedented pressure. The issues that need to be solved are very complicated, and more detailed than anyone can imagine. While unceasingly studying Teacher's lectures, I have looked inward to find the fundamental attachments responsible for this incorrect state.

I worried upon seeing Dafa attacked and fellow practitioners persecuted. What hides behind this worry? If we consider it from a non-practitioner's perspective, it is a feeling of "responsibility." However, if we consider it from a practitioner's perspective, it is not enough to simply believe in Teacher and the Fa.

Why do I feel pain when I see practitioners being persecuted? Why do I care so much about how other people think of me and treat me? In fact, all the reasons are the same. They are for "sentiment" and the thoughts surrounding the problems are all based on sentiments. I ask myself why I have come down layer by layer from the universe to the Three Realms after enduring so many kinds of hardships. Is it due to having sentiment for the Three Realms? Isn't holding onto those sentiments interfering with my cultivation practice and wasting my cultivation time? Wasn't the Three Realms created to delude human beings? However, the Three Realms was not created to delude practitioners. Everything in the Three Realms is actually false, including the behaviors of all the practitioners whom I have seen among ordinary people. Actually the practitioners' cultivated side is a truth which is not in the Three Realms. Therefore, it doesn't matter if what I have seen conforms to my notions or not, since it is all false. Since it is false, then why do I bother to distinguish between them, whether they conform to my notions or not? It doesn't matter who treats me well or poorly--the people are all the same. Therefore, I should treat everyone with same gentle attitude. If I put all my mind and energy into the superficialities, that would dilute my will to assist Teacher in Fa-rectification.

I should consider problems from a god's perspective, at every moment instead of using human notions. When I run into difficulty, I should think about how a god or a Buddha would treat the issue, how Teacher wants me to treat the issue, and how to lessen Teacher's worries. Shouldn't cultivators cultivate themselves while being unselfish and considering others first? When I always regard my own situation as being so difficult, aren't I putting myself first? Isn't that selfish? When will I stop using that stubborn human mentality to understand Dafa? It is similar to a practice in which people are still unable to sit cross-legged, and even the Bodhisattvas laugh at the practitioners with their hands covering their mouths. Actually, looking inward to find one's own shortcomings is not very difficult. As long as you have determination, Teacher will remind you every time. The key is whether you are willing to give up human notions and whether you are willing to truly cultivate yourself. Teacher has silently shouldered so much for us. How can I repay Teacher? How can I lessen Teacher's worries about me? What result does Teacher hope to see? I understand that Teacher hopes his disciples practice cultivation diligently, and save more people. As Dafa practitioners, how can we forget our prehistoric vows?

After removing my human notions, I feel very rational and light. I am no longer disturbed and controlled by the factors of the human level, and I also no longer feel physically and mentally weighted down.