In the Erdao Branch of the Changchun Police Department

Ms. Zhu Shuyun, 47, is a Falun Gong practitioner in Changchun City, Jilin Province. Erdao Branch police officers arrested her on the afternoon of May 9, 2007, as she was walking along a road. They took her to their office and interrogated her. She protested the illegal arrest and said, "It is a violation of human rights." The officers brutally beat her. They held her hair and smacked her head against a wall and then slapped her face until she lost consciousness.

The ruthless beating bloodied her mouth, spattering the wall, the floor, her clothes, and her face, and a big clump of her hair was pulled out. The police tied a hand towel over her mouth to stop the bleeding but still didn't let her go. They handcuffed her behind her back. She was then forced to lie on her stomach on the floor, covered with a cotton bed cover, and placed between the legs of a computer chair. One police officer sat on the chair and stepped on her back. Then they removed her shoes and again beat her. Some hit her head and some hit her hands, feet and legs with pieces of bamboo.

Ms. Zhu was in extreme pain and had a tough time breathing. When she was unable to move, the police stopped beating her and removed the bed cover and the chair. She was bruised and wounded all over--even her fingernails, hands, feet, and legs. The towel over her mouth was soaked with blood.

Having tortured her for an hour, the abusers called officers in the Balibao Police Station and told them to take Ms. Zhu and another practitioner back. Meng Yan and another officer arrived to take them. To prevent being seen, Meng Yan told the driver to stop right in front of the police station gate and took her to a room on the first floor of the station.

Meng Yan and another police officer taped Ms. Zhu Shuyun's mouth shut. They handcuffed her behind her back and immobilized her legs and feet with handcuffs as well. She was placed on the concrete floor for more than two hours, until police station chief Leng Changxue arrived. He told the officers to remove the handcuffs and tape on her mouth, and ordered someone to take her photo. The beatings had left Zhu Shuyun's face a mess. She refused to have her photo taken and was again subjected to a savage beating and lost consciousness.

On May 10, 2007, Zhu Shuyun opened a window and called out to expose the persecution. Police covered her mouth and held her neck, and they beat her again until she lost consciousness. In the afternoon, since she still refused to tell them her name, Meng Yan, Wang Zhengmao, and another officer beat her again. They pulled her up and then threw her repeatedly on the floor, and Wang Zhengmao stepped her on her stomach. In the evening, station chief Leng Changxue ordered officers from the Armed Division to deal with Ms. Zhu, saying, "Do whatever you want, as long as you make her tell her name. You will get a reward." Three people tortured her all night long.

On May 11, 2007, Ms. Zhu opened the window once again and called out what was happening to her, for which she suffered a beating and was punched. That evening her tormentors ordered her to sign the detention paper. She refused, said she was not guilty, and tore up the paper. They then handcuffed her to a heating pipe. Leng Changxue took off his heavy shoe and hit her in the face and choked her neck. Once again, the beating left her consciousness.

Ms. Zhu awoke several hours later and was unable to move, unable to raise her arms or legs, and unable to walk normally. She was still taken to the No. 3 Detention Center.

In Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp

On June 8, 2007, the authorities sentenced Ms. Zhu to one year of forced labor and moved her to the No. 2 Division in Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp. Camp guards Ren Feng, Liu Lianying, Yu Bo, and Chen Li brutally beat her. When she arrived at the No. 2 Division, division head Ren Feng first slapped her face three times. She was forced to do manual labor. Her legs were swollen, but she was forbidden from sitting to do the meditation.

On June 13, 2007, at the urging of Ren Feng, inmates Yin Chun, Wu Yuehua, and others tortured Ms. Zhu Shuyun. They taped her mouth shut, handcuffed her, and put her in a "dead man's bed" with both arms tied to the bed for 62 hours. She was not given any food and was deprived of sleep during those hours. Inmates Wu Yuehua and Yin Chun kept beating her and pinched the insides of her thighs.

After having been tied to the "dead man's bed" for 62 hours without any food and water, prison doctor Chen Li instructed someone to force-feed her. They put a thick tube through her nose into her stomach, which caused her nose to bleed profusely. Sometimes the tube was inserted incorrectly and ended up damaging a lung, which led to a lung infection. She bled from the lung and vomited blood. When Chen Li was informed of her condition, she simply said that was normal in force-feeding and didn't do anything to treat her.

Zhu Shuyun was always tied up and force-fed twice a day. Her nose was swollen because of the inserted tube. She asked to have the handcuffs as well as the leather strap used to tie her up removed. Their condition for releasing her from the "dead man's bed" was that she had to guarantee to not do the exercises and to obey the prison "regulations." She refused. The force-feeding continued. Division heads Ren Feng and Liu Lianying, prison doctor Wu Liping, and the inmates continued to force-feed her. The feeding tube was left in her nose for a week, making her nose severely swollen and giving her an extremely painful headache. She was tortured in the "dead man's bed" for 17 days.

Enduring such inhuman torture, Zhu Shuyun's health deteriorated and her condition became critical. Finally they had to taken her to a hospital where she was diagnosed with high blood sugar and transferred to a police hospital. The diagnosis at that hospital revealed that she had diabetes, severe heart problems, a severe lung infection, and severe anemia. The nurses trying to take a blood sample, but had difficulty finding a vein. Ms. Zhu's family members were informed that she was in critical condition. She stayed in the police hospital for 17 days. During the first four days she was unable to take care of herself. Those in charge took her back to the labor camp when she had not completely recovered and left her alone on the cell floor. Her family was forbidden from visiting her.

On the afternoon of December 24, 2007, division head Liu Lianying ordered Ms. Zhu to go downstairs to sweep away the snow. She was still weak and unable to do anything. Her family members, unable to visit her, could not bring her a heavy coat to wear. Liu Lianying ordered her to go downstairs anyway to suffer in the freezing weather and instructed inmate Yin Chun to beat her if she refused. Liu Lianying even personally beat her viciously. They hit her head, legs, and chest, which made her dizzy, and she kept twitching. Liu Lianying shocked her hands with an electric baton and verbally abused her.

Afraid of having their crimes made public, visits from Zhu Shuyun's family members were denied, and the fruit her family sent her was confiscated. Authorities also took 450 yuan from the account her family had established for her living expenses [to buy things in the camp canteen]. They also demanded another 1,000 yuan for medical expenses. Guard Liu Lianying even claimed she had a heart attack from personally torturing Zhu Shuyun.

The practitioners detained with Ms. Zhu wrote a group letter of appeal for her. When a practitioner tried to put the letter in the camp's designated mailbox, they discovered the box was a fake, lacking a mail slot. Guard Yang Liqiu took the letter without permission and reported it to No. 2 Division officials. The practitioners involved had their terms extended.

Ms. Zhu Shuyun was finally released on June 4, 2008, after serving an additional term of more than three weeks. On June 3, 2008, guard Yu Bo ordered her to sign a blank receipt and said it was to settle her account. She refused to sign because there was no amount of money written on it. Yu Bo was angry and punched her in the chest. On June 4, when Ms. Zhu's younger sister came to pick her up, they threatened and intimidated her and made her sign the paper.

Practitioners held in the No. 3 Team of No. 2 Division are forced to write "thought summary" reports, but practitioner Ms. Gu Jiumei refused to write one. At around 3:00 p.m. on June 1, 2008, when guard Jia Hongyan was on duty, he cruelly beat and shocked Ms. Gu with electric batons on her shoulders. He slapped her face seven times. He made her remove her coat and shocked her with the baton on her bare flesh, making the skin in the area red and swollen. The electric shocks lasted more than an hour. Gu Jiumei's entire body was in pain.