(Clearwisdom.net) The Eutelsat incident appears to be an unfortunate thing for us. The disadvantage it brings is that the customers of NTDTV cannot receive their signals so they can't get factual information for now. However, we can also take advantage of the positive side of the Eutelsat incident, since it is a typical example of how the evil CCP coerces and uses big firms overseas to achieve its own evil purpose by promising them large profits.

Giuliano Berretta, the president of Eutelsat, was involved in business negotiations with the CCP. The CCP pressured Eutelsat to stop NTDTV broadcasts into China as an unwritten part of the deal. Alcatel, the producer of Eutelsat's satellites, was about to sign a one-billion-dollar contract with the CCP. Only a few hours after the Alcatel contract was signed, NTDTV broadcasts into China were stopped.

This incident helps people see the true nature of the CCP. As such, it is another vivid example we can use to clarify the truth about the persecution, to people both inside and outside China.

For my fellow practitioners in mainland China, by clarifying the truth of the incident to the customers of NTDTV, we can help them understand all the reasons why they have lost satellite service so that they can feel the compassion of Dafa disciples and come to better recognize the true evil nature of the CCP. NTDTV customers paid to install their satellite dishes, but now, due to the CCP's arrogance and shameless behavior, they cannot receive NTDTV signals, and they suffer direct financial harm.

We should also thoroughly clarify the truth to the employees of the Eutelsat company. Although they made an incorrect decision to terminate NTDTV broadcasts, they had already carried NTDTV broadcasts for a long period of time. As a result, they have had a great positive impact on saving Asian people, especially people from mainland, China. We shouldn't have any hatred, instead we should treat them with kindness so that we can save them by clarifying the truth to them and give them more chances to change their minds and resume broadcasting NTDTV.

Through CCP interference in Flushing, New York and with NTDTV broadcasts, we have a chance to clarify the truth to sentient beings waiting to be saved. I have come to realize that we should take advantage of these opportunities properly in order to save more and more sentient beings on a large scale.

While we are clarifying the truth, we also need to pay close attention to cultivating ourselves. The Flushing and the Eutelsat incidents both touch upon our notions and attachments. When talking about these scenarios, we should look inward to see whether there are some human notions or attachments, so that we can eliminate them and rectify ourselves according to the requirements of Dafa. When each of us can treat our cultivation correctly, everything will be fine.

The above is my own understanding of the Eutelsat incident. If there is anything not proper, my fellow practitioners, please point it out for me compassionately. Thanks!