(Clearwisdom.net) Everyday I see reports on Clearwisdom of persecution suffered by fellow practitioners and my heart always feels heavy and anxious. The Fa-rectification of the cosmos has come to the final stage. There are still so many reports of arrests and torture of practitioners, while sentient beings are waiting to be saved. Just think about it! This can be a great hindrance to Teacher's rectifying the Fa and a great loss to sentient beings. Practitioners should not waste any time in forming a tenacious, unified body to end this persecution with righteous thoughts.

The severe persecution over the last several years in my own city has been repeated all over China. Although a small city, at times more than 30 practitioners have been sentenced to forced labor camps or fined and put under surveillance. Practitioners occupied with sending forth righteous thoughts or putting up posters to save imprisoned practitioners were not spared arrest. Often the imprisoned practitioners were not yet released (or saved) before another practitioner was arrested. This long vicious cycle has resulted in exhausted practitioners becoming indifferent and losing hope regarding rescuing fellow practitioners. The lack of time, energy, and success has been taking a toll on the situation.

What is the root cause of the problem? Some fellow practitioners realized through group Fa study that we need to reverse our passive stance. We should not let the old forces manipulate us this way. We should send forth righteous thoughts in unison, at preset times, actively targeting the source of the persecution. This source might be the courts, the police, doctors, or others at any given time. Meanwhile, we will publicize the evil deeds of local officials and the police. All practitioners in the city should take turns sending righteous thoughts by district and by location three or four times a week, for at least half an hour. We decided to continue this plan until the persecution ends.

We saw no obvious effect in the short term, but the great power manifested after a year of persistent effort. The Fa-rectification situation has fundamentally changed in my city. The Olympic sailing competition is being held in an adjacent city. Practitioners in nearby cities are still experiencing severe persecution. Almost no practitioners have been arrested in our city lately. Two practitioners went to a nearby county to clarify the truth and were illegally arrested, but local practitioners quickly rescued them.

We all know this is due to the power of Dafa manifesting, and that is a result of united fellow practitioners working as one. We still cannot relax. What the evil fears most is our tenacious unity, because from it comes invincible power to eliminate evil.