(Clearwisdom.net) We found out two days after the fact about the detention of a fellow practitioner. A few of our local practitioners immediately discussed rescue strategies. We are one body. With Fa-rectification at this stage, we realized we could not act as we had done in the past, passively allowing the evildoers to do whatever they wanted. Although from the standpoint of being a single body we lacked rescue experience, our wisdom would come from the Fa and from righteous thoughts.

After a brief discussion, we decided first to determine how the incident had happened and evaluate the current circumstances, including that of the practitioner. Contacting her family we learned that security personnel had reported Ms. Qing Lian as she distributed truth clarification materials at a supermarket. About 70 years old, Ms. Qing had practiced Dafa for more than ten years and is a diligent practitioner. She had endured three incidents of persecution since July 20, 1999, and was currently to be detained for 15 days.

Now that we knew the particulars everyone agreed to do five things:

1) As soon as one practitioner encounters interference it means the whole body has a loophole. Everyone of us should think based on the Fa, correct his or her thinking and behavior, and negate the old forces' persecution. At this final stage of the cosmos' Fa-rectification period, "This instant is precious beyond measure." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Chicago") (June 26, 2005)

We are in a hurry to offer people salvation. Saving people is already extremely urgent, and our time should only be used to do the three things Master has arranged. Prison or detention is not the place for us.

2) Inform fellow practitioners to intensely send righteous thoughts in close proximity together; thoroughly eliminate all the behind-the-scenes evil manipulators and the rotten ghost interfering with Qing Lian's field; thoroughly purge all the evil beings and the factors controlling the detention center to persecute Dafa practitioners and let them receive retribution in this life; and support her righteous thoughts to get out.

3) Immediately expose the evildoers and their deeds on the Internet.

4) Send truth clarifying materials to the relevant authorities, or clarify the truth via telephone.

5) Assist the practitioner's family members with visits to the authorities to ask for the practitioner's release.

Two days later everyone met again and reviewed the situation. We found many shortcomings and human notions, such as the desire for ease and comfort, the tendency to rely on others, an attachment to time, caring too much about gain or loss, not being kind or tolerating other practitioners, thinking of previous successes distributing many truth-clarifying materials and offering many sentient beings salvation, the possibility of a rest now that the Fa rectification is near the final stage, laziness, concern about the over-the-top "security" that is accompanying the approaching Olympic Games, the emotional attachment to family, and so on. Some of these faults were obviously mirrored in practitioners' words and deeds, some were deeply hidden. We faced them head-on, eliminated them, and rectified them with the Fa.

Master told us, "Whatever you experience during your cultivation--whether good or bad--is good, for it comes about only because you are cultivating." ("To the Chicago Fa Conference")

We ought to turn anything we encounter during cultivation toward the good, turn it into an opportunity for improving the whole body so that we can offer people salvation.

We also mailed truth clarifying materials and exposed the evildoers on the Internet. Sending righteous thoughts went well. It often happened that practitioners ran into each other around the detention center. They either wordlessly nodded or exchanged a smile.

With a practitioner in detention, righteous thoughts and deeds are of utmost importance. Losing her righteous thoughts would help the evildoers and really aggravate any tribulation. Combining divine righteous thoughts with ordinary human methods would actually reflect a lack of righteous faith in the Fa and Master. That was wrong, and we knew we shouldn't do it that way. At the critical moment we must keep mature and calm and abandon the human mindset and human methods. We had to support Qing Lian's righteous thoughts and be consistent in order to form a righteous field to overcome any obstacle.

We immediately communicated with Qing Lian's family and told them our Fa-based viewpoint. Her daughter had previously studied a little of the Fa and had a certain understanding of it. After communicating with her, she agreed to cooperate as a member of the whole body to rescue the practitioner with the power of righteous thoughts.

The next day, her daughter looked for the person in charge of the case and told him that after her mother practiced Dafa, her illnesses went away. She also warned them sternly, "My mother is very old. If she is not released and something goes wrong, who will take responsibility? Give me a promise today!" In the end, no one dared to take responsibility. Finally, they let her daughter file an application to keep her mother in custody outside of prison. Her daughter told them she didn't know what to write. They wrote a draft for her to copy. They wrote things like, "After her release, she guarantees to no longer practice or communicate with other practitioners" and so on. Her daughter removed the offending phrases when she copied it, then returned the application. When she visited her mother, she told her to use "righteous thoughts" and "break through the test." She told her she hoped that she'd take care herself, not to fall into "illness," and that fellow practitioners would get her out in five days. Her mother replied, "No problem. I know what to do!"

When I heard this, my hands automatically folded themselves into the Heshi gesture, and tears filled my eyes. As long as Dafa's universal guidance exists, as long as the mercy of Master's law body takes care of us, practitioners' righteous thoughts support one another. As long as we keep to righteous thoughts and righteous actions, we are fine.

"When disciples have ample righteous thoughts,

Master has the power to turn back the tide."

("The Master-Disciple Bond" Hong Yin II, Translation Version A)

Qing Lian succeeded in getting released and has returned to assist Master in Fa- rectification. The mighty Fa is once again proof through this experience that righteous thoughts can rescue fellow practitioners. We will be more mature and rational to complete the three things and assist Master in Fa rectification to fulfill our prehistoric vow.