San Francisco, California: Rally and March Held In Support of 40 Million Chinese Quitting the CCP (Photos)

( On July 13, 2008, people from all walks of life gathered in San Francisco's Chinatown for a rally and march, showing their support for the 40 million people who have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Speakers at the rally pointed out that the CCP has never stopped its persecution of Chinese people and quitting the CCP is the most peaceful and efficient way to end the persecution.

The Hague:Practitioners in The Netherlands Tell the Story of Falun Gong on International Day Against Torture (Photos)

( On June 26, 2008 a long wall of photos was prepared in front of the parliament building in The Hague. The photos told the story of Falun Gong, from its introduction to the present.

Man Brings Iced Tea to Practitioners to Show His Support (Photo)

( In New York City this June, the temperatures were at a record-breaking high. Nonetheless, even as Chinese Communist Party agents incited hatred and planned attacks against them, Falun Gong practitioners continued their truth-clarification and quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) service center activities.

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