(Clearwisdom.net) On a recent Sunday, local practitioners got together to practice the exercises and clarify the truth to tourists from all over the world near the Vasa Museet museum, a popular tourist attraction in Stockholm, Sweden. Tourists from east and west showed great interest in Falun Gong and the persecution in China.

Falun Gong practitioners in meditation
People sign petition condemning the persecution of Falun Gong
People read and learn about the persecution

A middle-aged couple carefully watched the activity by Falun Gong practitioners for a long time before entering the museum with a tourist group. After a little while, the couple came back again and signed a petition condemning the persecution.

Deceived by CCP lies, a tour guide from China shouted, "Oh, this is the newspaper against the CCP. I don't want to read it." when a practitioner was offering people a copy of The Epoch Times. An old Chinese man near the tour guide put out his hands to take the newspaper saying to the tour guide and to the whole tour group, "I'll read it. What am I afraid of? The CCP has done so many bad deeds! I like reading newspapers about anti-communism. We can read these things here, outside China. This is a free country. Don't do something unscrupulous with the CCP! " With this, the entire Chinese tour group took copies of the newspaper. The tour guide finally said, " I don't stop you from reading the newspapers, do I? That's true, it is not easy for everybody to come abroad. Read whatever you want. I'll read them as well." And then all of them were laughing.

A young man from Germany watched the activity with delight and kept taking photos. When a practitioner gave him the newspaper, he said, "I am from Germany. I read every issue of The Epoch Times. I know that many people like reading your newspaper. I have already read this issue, so you don't need to give me one, but give it to other people! Don't waste it. Thank you!"

In front of display boards clarifying the truth about Falun Gong, a young Chinese man read them carefully and kept taking pictures. Two months ago, he left China to work in Austria. He said, "I like Europe very much. I have already gotten used to life overseas. People here have freedom and are so kind. I have made up my mind to work and study hard in order to stay here. Only recently have I come to gradually realize that Chinese people seem as if they have been confused by what the CCP has been doing. Without knowing what is true and what is false, they themselves follow it along with almost everyone else, including me, and they don't have their own thoughts!" He said that he felt very happy because it was the first time for him to read The Epoch Times. He then asked about the tide of quitting the CCP, which was a great interest to him. He said that he would quit the CCP and its associated organizations on the website of The Epoch Times.

Finally, he said: "This is a real eye-opening experience for me. The newspapers I read here are just the opposite from what I read in China. Although I feel it difficult to adapt to it. But from now on, I will think everything over. In this society with freedom, I should see more and listen to more so that I can make my own judgment and make a new decision and choice."