(Clearwisdom.net) What happened today was a small matter, but it helped me find my deeply hidden ego and understand the importance of looking within. I would like to share my realization with practitioners.

Practitioner A designed a CD label that fits the content of my CD for better visual effect, and he asked practitioner B to drop it off at my home at noon, but B had not arrived by noon. I had to go out in the afternoon. I waited a long time and still did not see B coming. I complained that it had happened before that practitioner B had delayed the process of transferring CDs because she would examine the content of the CDs according to her standard and therefore delay the process. We had reminded her about that. Now she was not being punctual again. I had to leave, and did so.

Practitioner B was waiting for me when I returned home in the evening after the hour for sending righteous thoughts. As soon as she saw me, she said, "I'm not making any excuse, but why wouldn't you come to my home and fetch it yourself? Your daughter knows where I live. Why didn't you let her fetch it if you were too busy?" I took the CD from her and smiled, "You're right. I was too busy to think about that. I'll do that next time."

After she left, I looked within while doing housework, "What kind of mentality was that when I thought of 'teaching her a lesson?' How self-important!" Whether what B said was right or wrong, wasn't this a good opportunity for me to improve my xinxing? I should be more responsible to the truth-clarification materials production site and be more considerate of other practitioners for the sake of saving people. I thought my daughter was still too young; besides her school exam was coming, therefore I didn't think of having her help me. But practitioner B was also busy, why wasn't I more considerate of her? When another practitioner has shortcomings or hasn't done something right, I should take the initiative to help fix it and make it better. Instead of shirking responsibilities, I should carry the responsibility when problems are discovered. I think this is what putting everything into the best state is all about.

Dafa practitioners are one body. When a problem arises we should more often look within, from the vantage of the Fa, and think about others instead of holding an egocentric mentality of "teaching someone a lesson." Only by looking within can we improve conditions for our whole body. Master requires us to attain righteous enlightenment of selflessness and altruism. Have I done it? I was reminded of what another practitioner had said to me before, "Even though others have faults, you can only give him or her a compassionate hint, and under no circumstances should we point fingers at each other. This is the mindset an enlightened being should have." As a practitioner, I should look within unconditionally, measure things with Master's Fa, study the Fa well, eliminate my ego and inappropriate thoughts, and offer more sentient beings salvation and do it better. This is the level and the standard that a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple should have.

At this thought, my heart suddenly brightened and I felt quite relaxed. I wholeheartedly thank our esteemed Master, because this small matter has helped me understand more about looking within and harmonizing the whole body. Cultivation practice is wonderful!

Please point out anything improper.

June 26, 2008