(Clearwisdom.net) Most practitioners who are imprisoned in the Heizhuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp, Changchun City, Jilin Province are over 50. Besides using torture to coerce the practitioners to "transform", guards in the Fifth Section force the practitioners to work long hours, carrying 55 lb. boxes up and down the stairs. The guards often threaten to extend the prison sentence of the practitioners. Scorning, electric baton shocks, and beatings happen frequently in the Fifth Section. Guard Zhang Lihong, (female) actively follows director Wang Limei (female) to torture the practitioners and has no remorse. The following are examples of what goes on there.

Ms. Qiao Hongyan was imprisoned again in the Heizhuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp in May, 2008. It was less than one year since her last release. To protest against the persecution, Ms. Qiao disobeyed the guards, refused to be a slave worker, and continued practicing Falun Dafa exercises in the camp. Guards Wang Limei and Zhang Lihong shocked her using an electric baton. As a result of the shocking, Ms. Qiao was unable to speak, had difficulty walking, suffered burns to her abdomen and suffered from incontinence and loss of bowel control.

Guard Zhang Lihong suspected that Ms. Xu Yanqiu, Ms. Liu Yuezhen, and Ms. Liu Yaoling were doing the Falun Dafa exercises, so using an electric baton, she shocked them on their bodies, necks, and arms, leaving them with countless scars.

Ms. Liu Fang and Ms. Niu Ling disobeyed the guards during the persecution and refused to be slave workers. Zhang Lihong beat them, scorned them, shocked them with an electric baton, forced them to stand long hours, and extended their prison sentence by 30 days.

Ms. Wang Pingrui, in her twenties, was imprisoned in the Fifth Section of the Heizhuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp in May, 2008. Ms. Wang refused the guards outrageous demands and refused to be a slave worker. Guard Li Gongju (female) shocked her using electric baton, and handcuffed her to a metal bed, positioned so that she could only lie on her one side. The guard refused to remove the handcuffs when she needed to eat or use the bathroom, forcing her to eat on her bed and use a bed pan.