(Clearwisdom.net) Over the past few years, Mr. Zhao Bo's son has suffered a lot emotionally. When night is coming and all the other children are having fun with their parents, this sensitive boy always stays close to his mother with the tears in his eyes and hopes his father will return to them very soon.

At approximately 6 p.m. on March 20, 2003, Liu Qinyuan, the Deputy Political Commissar from the Mishan City Police Department; Meng Qingqi, the head of the Political Security Section (now being demoted to a regular policeman); Du Yongshan; Li Gang; Gao Pengfei; and Gao Shi, as well as a total of a dozen other police officers suddenly broke into Zhao Bo's home. Mr. Zhao was an employee of the Repair Sector of the Electric Bureau. They claimed that Mr. Zhao had been "disturbing the social order" and had organized the distribution of Falun Gong materials. They also accused him of posting Falun Gong signs in public places.

They started to ransack everything in the house without showing official documents to do so. In order to find any "evidence," they even checked the underwear in the house. They looked things over and over again, but still could not find anything. Finally, they saw a little spot of paint on his jacket. They claimed that this was the "evidence." They took away his motorcycle, tape recorder, and Falun Gong books. Their vandal-like behavior traumatized Mr. Zhao Bo's son, who started wailing. The policemen didn't care about the child at all. They arrested both of his parents and took them to the police department. They then called the local TV station to tape record them and had it broadcast in Mishan City for several days.

After two weeks, Mr. Zhao's wife was released. In order to trick Mr. Zhao into giving his signature to admit his "guilt," the police lied to him that his wife now wanted to divorce him and needed his signature on the papers. The shirt with the spot of paint on it was the "evidence" that was used in the court to sentence Mr. Zhao. For anyone that works in a repair factory, paint on a shirt is very common. However, the court used this flimsy "evidence" to sentence Mr. Zhao Bo to seven years in prison without allowing him to say a word. A happy family was destroyed by the police officers who claim to protect the people.

In 2003, without listening to his family member's fervent protests or Mr. Zhao's opposition to such flimsy evidence, Mishan City Court secretly sent Mr. Zhao to Hada Prison in Jixi City.

While he was in Hada Prison, Mr. Zhao was subjected to tortures such as sitting still without moving for 12 hours every day and being beaten and insulted by the guards. In November 2003, he was sent to the 6th Section of Mudanjiang Prison.

Mudanjiang Prison is one of the most evil prisons in the province. It is called "the Death Prison." The people who are incarcerated there can hear pitiful screams every day coming from the other prisoners being tortured. Occasionally, prisoners were beaten to death by the guards and then their bodies were sent out of the prison. A place as evil as Mudanjiang Prison exactly fits the CCP's standards. In fact, it was honored with the title, "Civilized and Advanced Law Enforcement Unit" in Heilongjiang Province.

In March 2004, Mr. Zhao was transferred to the 11th Section. In this section, everybody is forced to work eight hours a day to make automobile seat cushions. In order to protest the persecution, Mr. Zhao started a hunger strike. Because of this, he was locked up in the "death cell." The "death cell" is only about three square meters, and five people are locked up in there together. The people who are confined in this cell are often the ones that have been badly beaten. They are bruised and lacerated or are very skinny due to the lack of food. After being in the "death cell" for 20 days, Mr. Zhao Bo was finally released. Anyone who knew him before was shocked and scared to look at him. Later, Mr. Zhao was transferred to Section 17 again and continued to be subjected to further persecution.

In April 2008 Mr. Zhao Bo was beaten badly by the guards and sent to the "death cell" again. This time it was because the guards had found out that he had some of Master Li's articles.