(Clearwisdom.net) Shenyang practitioner Mr. Zhao Guoliang was arrested by a group of police near his home on June 16, 2008. At present, Zhao Guoliang is being detained at the Huanggu Detention Center. The police involved are from the Huanggu Branch Police Department and the Yaming Police Station. Wu Bo and Li Wei were the chief instigators.

On the afternoon of June 16th, policemen broke into the garden of Zhao Guoliang's residence and attempted to take him away. Zhao refused to get into the police car. Many people surrounded the scene, as more than ten policemen punched and kicked him, dragging him by the hair, before they forced Zhao into the car.

Later, the policemen took Zhao's keys and went to his home. At the time, Zhao's wife was at home taking a bath when she heard someone opening the door. She was frightened and quickly put on some clothes. They shouted, "Don't move!" Then they started to ransack the home. Computers and printers were taken away, as well as VCD's and welding tools. She was too terrified to speak during the process, but she was taken to the police station as well.

On the night of June 16th, Zhao was beaten terribly in the Yamin Police Station. When Zhao shouted "Falun Dafa is good", the policemen shoved him into a cage. The cage was encased by thick bubble wrap, with only a small hole in it for minimal ventilation.

It was very hot while Zhao was detained in the small cage. The next day, Zhao was drenched in sweat, and the handcuffs had dug deeply into his flesh.

Related phone numbers

Shenyang Huanggu Area 610 Office: 86-24-86855063
Shenyang Police Department Office: 86-24-23105090
Appeals Section: 86-24-22833119