(Clearwisdom.net) Last Sunday we decided to go to classmate A's home for a gathering of eight of us who were good friends in high school. I arrived at her home early in the morning. Within half an hour, we classmates who had not seen each other for 33 years were reunited. We are all women in our 50s. We were surprised to see how we had all aged, with lines on our faces and our prescription lens.

After we greeted each other, we sat down and chitchatted. Our classmate A had been ill for a year, had just had surgery, and still has high blood pressure, arthritis, and a cervical vertebra problem that are painful beyond endurance. Classmate B has wrinkles all over her face and she looks old. Classmate C is a teacher and also suffers from many kinds of illnesses resulting from other illnesses. Two others who came from the urban area had looked much better than any of us that came from the countryside when we were young. But these two did not look like the campus beauties anymore. I was the only one that surprised them. They all agreed that I had become beautiful. They said that I had changed a lot. When I was at school, I was not good looking. My front teeth protruded, and my personality was very domestically oriented, never sociable, and very self-centered. When they saw that I had changed so fundamentally, they were all surprised. They couldn't wait to ask how.

I asked them if they really wanted to know. Three years ago I was not physically well at all. I was hard of hearing and my vision was blurred. I had high blood pressure and a cervical vertebra problem. My long-term employment in education had resulted in all kinds of conditions. At the end of 2005, I was very lucky to have obtained Dafa. A book helped me to make these changes. I now read Zhuan Falun every day. If I do not get to read it for a day, I seem to have lost something in my life. I do all five exercises every day in one session. Now you see that I am sturdy. Since I started the practice, my waist has become three inches smaller. I have formed the good habit of touching my upper palate with my tongue and close my lips when I do the exercises. Now you can see that my front teeth no longer protrude. Now I am not hard of hearing anymore, my vision is not blurred, and I do not wear my prescription lens anymore. From my supervisors to my colleagues, everyone at work respects and admires me. I am 55 years old, but I am still in charge of students. Without a healthy body, how could I manage it? Now when I work for a whole day, I do not feel tired at all. When I go home, I can still do my household chores easily. In my spare time, I read the books and do the exercises. Today I really know how it feels to have no illnesses.

After listening to what I said, they were amazed, and two of them wanted to learn Dafa right then. One of the classmates from the urban area mentioned that she also wanted to practice Dafa. The other classmates all admired us. I also clarified the truth to them about why the Chinese Communist Party persecutes Falun Gong. I told them that the self-immolation was staged by the government and also about the appearance of the stone with the words saying that the Chinese Communist Party is dying. I also told them that quitting the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations could save their lives. One after the other, all of my classmates quit the CCP-related organizations.

It was late at night, but we did not want to sleep. We continued to discuss the benefits of practicing Falun Dafa.