(Clearwisdom.net) May 13, 1992 is the day our revered Teacher started imparting the Fa to the world. I was fortunate enough to have attended Teacher's classes in China four times. Those days were the happiest times of my life. Every time I held our group photo with Teacher after a class, tears flowed down my face and I felt warm all over. Teacher's immense compassion has encouraged me on my cultivation path. I would like to share my experiences of attending Teacher's classes since 1994 in Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Jinan and Yanji.

1. Teacher's Second Falun Gong Classes in Tianjin

In 1994 I saw a copy of Falun Gong at a neighbor's home, and I was impressed by the content of the book. While I was reading Falun Gong, I felt Faluns rotating in my body, adjusting my body and improving my health. At that time, Teacher had already finished teaching the 13th Falun Gong class in Beijing and was not to have any more in Beijing. I learned from the Falun Dafa Association that Teacher would teach classes in Tianjin from March 14 to 22 in 1994. I was lucky enough to obtain a ticket. The class started at 7:00 p.m. every evening. Fellow practitioners in Beijing and I rented a large van. During the day, we went to work as usual and left for Tianjin in the van at 4:00 p.m. After the class was over, we returned to Beijing. Concerned with the students' financial situations, Teacher reduced the classes from ten to nine days. On the ninth day, Teacher taught classes in the morning and the afternoon. We stayed overnight in Tianjin on the ninth day and exchanged our insights at night. Because we were new practitioners and were not able to practice the sitting meditation in the full lotus position, we helped each other to get into the position.

We all longed to meet Teacher, so one day we waited by the path Teacher would take to enter the auditorium. That day Teacher wore a light khaki jacket. Teacher looked kindly at students coming up to him. I had just started practicing Falun Gong and had so many questions to ask Teacher, but my mind went blank the moment I saw Teacher.

The classes were held at the "81" Auditorium in Heping District, Tianjin, which accommodates 1,200 people. We sat close to the stairway on the second floor while Teacher taught the exercises and a student demonstrated the movements. Teacher patiently explained the movements, and then Teacher walked among the students, correcting their movements. Teacher personally corrected my younger brother when he was learning the second exercise. I was so envious at the time. How lucky my brother was!

2. Teacher's Falun Gong Classes in Zhengzhou

Students at the Falun Gong Class in Zhengzhou taking a photo with Teacher

The classes in Zhengzhou were held from June 11 to 18 in 1994. At first, it was held in an old auditorium. The auditorium had only one door, the floor was uneven and wind crept in from all directions. One day while Teacher was giving the Fa lecture, a thunderstorm started and the lights went out all of a sudden. It was raining cats and dogs. The strong wind from the storm uprooted many trees. I heard that a thunderstorm of this severity was quite rare in Zhengzhou. The rain started leaking into the auditorium, but no one walked about and it was very quiet inside. A practitioner sitting next to me was soaking wet from one of the leaks. I was very touched that he sat still in a puddle of water, listening to Teacher's Fa lecture. Then it appeared that Teacher caught something with his hand and threw it inside a plastic water bottle on the desk. Shortly afterwards, all the lights came back on and Teacher resumed teaching the Fa. That was when I realized the kind of difficulties Teacher must have overcome in spreading the Fa. Teacher has sacrificed so much, too much for the sentient beings. We must not let Teacher down.

When the last class ended, many students went up to the stage, hoping for a chance to shake hands with Teacher. I, too, had the honor to shake hands with Teacher. I felt immersed in joy and happiness, and I wished time would stop at that moment. Everyone was reluctant to part with Teacher. It was a touching scene.

3. Teacher's Second Falun Gong Classes in Jinan

A co-worker, her daughter and I went to Teacher's second class in Jinan from June 21 to 28 in 1994. Over 4,000 people attended the class. By the time we heard about the classes, the tickets were already sold out. Because of the large number of students, even the aisles were packed with people sitting on the floor. We didn't have tickets for seats, so it was arranged for us to sit on the floor in front of the stage, bringing us very close to Teacher. It was summer and very hot in the auditorium. Many people tried to cool off with fans, but my co-worker and I felt we shouldn't fan ourselves in the middle of a class. Later on Teacher said in his Fa lecture that we needn't fan ourselves to cool off. Just as Teacher had said, I felt a cool breeze and didn't feel hot at all.

Teacher would take group photos with the students after the classes concluded in a city. This time there were just too many people for a group photo, so Teacher asked those who had previously attended classes and taken a photo with him already to allow others to have the opportunity. I followed Teacher's request. Although I wanted to take another photo with Teacher, I decided to leave the opportunity to those who had not taken one with Teacher. It was very hot that day. Despite the blazing sun, Teacher took it upon himself to arrange group shots with practitioners from different regions. When it was our turn to take photos, Teacher was busy arranging where everyone should stand and asked my co-worker to save him a spot. After placing everyone, Teacher returned to his spot right next to my co-worker and her daughter. I captured this precious moment with a camera.

4. Teacher's Falun Gong Classes in Yanji

My daughter and I attended Teacher's classes held in the Yanbian Gymnasium from August 20 to 27 in 1994. When I heard about the classes in Yanji, fellow practitioners told me about the high crime rate in Yanbian, and they warned us that people get mugged even on the train. They told me that I should not bring my daughter along. I also heard that this would be the class with the smallest number of practitioners from Beijing. I didn't know about righteous thoughts but I thought, "I will be fine because I am learning the righteous Fa." Because of my pure faith in Teacher and the Fa, our trip to Yanji went well. A train ticket to Yanji normally sold for about 300 yuan but we got seats for just 100 yuan. It turned out that Yanbian was not so infested with crime after all. After we returned to Beijing, we talked about our experiences to those who didn't go. They regretted missing Teacher's Fa lectures because they believed the rumor of the high crime rate in Yanbian.

That day the train station refused to ship our luggage, and there were many Falun Gong materials that needed to be shipped to Yanbian. A Falun Gong assistant in Beijing called me and asked if I could help get those materials to Yanbian. I asked my work organization for help and had those materials shipped to Yanbian without any trouble. In hindsight, everything looked like coincidence, but they were Teacher's arrangements.

This concludes my account of being in Teacher's Falun Gong classes.

Finally, let's sing "An Ode to Teacher's Grace", a song dedicated to Teacher by practitioners in China.

Listen to those universal praises
The opportunity that comes only once in eternity is spreading in heaven and earth
It is you that guides the sentient beings to the future
The radiance of the Fa shall always shine in the universe