(Clearwisdom.net) Every time I read fellow practitioners' recollections of spending precious time with Master and telling stories of Master saving people like us who had been living in delusion, I can't help but shed tears. I'd like to share with everyone my happiest memory attending Master's fourth lecture series in Guangzhou.

It probably was genetic that I had chronic nephritis since I was 14 years old. I was listless all day and often felt dizzy and suffered from tinnitus. When I was really sick, my whole head would swell up. My urine tests always showed three pluses. At that early age, I already had insomnia. When my classmates ran around and played on the playground, I could only sit inside the classroom and watch them through the window. In order to be healthy again, I tried all sorts of remedies; traditional Chinese medicine, folk remedies, Western medicine, and various qigong practices. In the medical community, the common understanding is that chronic nephritis is rarely cured. At best one could only keep the condition from worsening. Since the eleventh grade, I had learned over a dozen qigong practices. But none of those practices mentioned xinxing. Not only did they not help me, but they also caused more problems. After I went to college, I developed severe gastritis and knee joint pain. During the second semester of my junior year, I began to have problems in my brain. My head seem to have a hoop tightening around it. I was no longer able to study normally. I could not even have a normal social life. My life was so painful, but I wasn't ready to die, either. I often asked why my life had to be so hard. I hoped to meet some deity to save me.

By the second semester of my senior year, all my classmates were busy writing their graduation theses and looking for jobs, but I stayed in the library reading qigong magazines and other leisure books to look for ways to cure my illnesses. In 1993, I noticed that many qigong and sport magazines mentioned Dafa and Master. But I had been conned so many times that I had little faith in qigong practices. In 1994, the summer before my graduation, I thought that I might try just one last time. I looked up the Falun Gong lecture series in various cities that summer. I was thinking, "Just this one time. If no one can save me, there is no use looking for a job since I am so sick that I couldn't really do anything. I might just as well go home and wait to die." At the time, I had another qigong practice's class schedule. I planned to pick one of the two. Without knowing anything, I called the Falun Gong contact person. The person was so patient and had an auspicious tone to his voice. I was immediately moved. I decided to attend the lecture series in Guangzhou in July without even inquiring about the other qigong class.

I was able to find Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine soon after I arrived in Guangzhou City. Because students were arriving from all over the country, there was no room for me in the dormitory when I got there. Later, a young man, the student manager of the dormitory rented me his room. The next day, I met many veteran students who had followed and attended Master's lecture series many times. The respect they had for Master was not something you could find in any other qigong class. Among them, a group of students from Hubei Province had attended the lecture series at least three times. They shared with me the miracles they had witnessed and personally experienced.

On the first day of the lecture, Master pointed out that in order to get rid of illness and raise one's level, one must cultivate xinxing, value virtue, and return to one's original, true self. I finally found the answer to all my suffering and confusion. I recalled the so-called qigong masters I had encountered in the past. Not mentioning the bad ones, just the ones who were relatively righteous: they didn't know the fundamentals of cultivation. They only told you to practice and practice. In the end, everyday people's illnesses could not be cured. At that moment, I decided that I would cultivate. After that thought, I fell asleep. Later I realized that Master was healing the problems in my brain.

On the first day of the lecture series, Master cleansed our bodies. After we returned to the dormitory, many people started vomiting and had diarrhea. But I didn't feel anything. My enlightenment quality was rather poor then. I wondered if Master would take care of me. However, I woke up in pain that night. I was sweating. When I woke up, I saw Master's law body. Even my knee injury that I thought had been cured from practicing another qigong practice was pushed out and was extremely painful. After I woke up, it seemed that in a blink of an eye, Master had healed me and left with a smile. Since then, I have felt such happiness all over my body that I cannot put it into words.

From that moment on, I really experienced the state of no illness for the rest of the time I spent in Guangzhou. At the lectures, Master lifted the students to a very high level. For those few days, I felt that someone was lifting me up as I walked. I couldn't remember how I had walked before, with my head lowered and back curved. As I was harmonized in Master's compassion, I felt as if I did not have any karma. During that period of time, my mind was often empty and peaceful. I felt everyone I met was like family; anything I encountered was a happy event. I did not worry about anything and could not remember any worries or troubles. Actually, at that time I had just broken up with my boyfriend, and my parents were urging me to find a job, but I had made no progress.

During the dark days since the Chinese Communist Party started to defame Master, I have felt that they are so shameless, using lies and fabrications to deceive the public. As a matter of fact, Master pointed out the weak nature of the CCP in his lecture. Master mentioned that six ministries--Public Security, Civil Affairs, China Association for Science and Technology, CCP Public Relations, etc.--collectively manage qigong. It is not because they value qigong, but because they are afraid that people who practice qigong will start something similar to the Boxer Rebellion. Hence, Master warned us that we must walk our paths righteously and become a better person, even better than a good person, so that we won't give others an opportunity to exploit us.

During the seven-day lecture series, Master explained the profound universal truth and a way to heaven in simple language. In order to help students understand, Master used examples and stories to further explain the Fa. I was so touched by Mater's compassion and how righteous he is. Besides teaching us how to become cultivators, Master was very amiable. He did not show any arrogance and was impartial to all students. During breaks, Master often came down from the stage and talked to students. On many occasions, I saw Master holding the hands of old farmers who looked dirty and untidy and talking to them. Once I was also fortunate enough to get close to Master. I felt that I was immersed in Master's compassion. The students who had understood the Fa were also very gentle; they did not surround Master, asking him this and that.

When the lecture series was completed, Master showed big hand gestures as he walked away. Everyone in the audience stood up and applauded. Many students were in tears and did not want to leave. I was also in tears and started sobbing. I knew very well what Master had done for me. Another part of me said to myself, "I will see Master again."

I'd like to dedicate this article to Master in honor of his birthday. In the face of Master's salvation and great kindness, we can only be diligent in our cultivation and fulfill our vows from a prehistoric time.