(Clearwisdom.net) According to the citizens of Wushan in the Tianhe District, on April 15, 2008, around 8:00 a.m., two big, tall men went to the home of practitioner Ye Huizhu. Her residence is located in the east section in the Huagong District. The two men stood outside the downstairs security door and kept pressing the doorbell and calling to have the door opened. Ms. Ye's son was home alone, so he didn't open the door. After a while, the two men forced open the metal security door and stepped inside. As they climbed the stairs, they dialed Ms. Ye's home phone. Claiming to be from the Wushan Street Administration Office, they angrily ordered Ms. Ye's son to immediately open the apartment door. Without going through any legal procedures or getting permission from Ms. Ye or her family, they broke into Ms. Ye's home.

Once inside they looked around carefully in the three rooms. Not finding anything, they went back to the living room and told Ms. Ye's son that his mother was doing truth-clarification work outside and that someone had discovered her. They demanded to know where she was. They stayed for about half an hour and then left. When Ms. Ye Huizhu heard about this incident, she worried about further persecution and didn't dare go home. Her family also worried about her safety and told her not to return home.

On July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began persecuting Falun Gong. Ye Huizhu wouldn't give up the practice and has since been arrested, detained, brainwashed, and harassed six times. The worst incident happened in August 2000. Certain officials lied to her by saying that she only needed to go to the Wushan Police Station for questioning and then they would let her go. But as soon as she arrived at the police station, they handed her a notice of a one-year labor camp sentence. Ms. Ye refused to go. The police dragged her by the hair, hit her hands, tied her up and pushed her into a vehicle, and took her to Chatou Women's Forced Labor Camp in Guangzhou, where they attempted to brainwash her. They did not leave her alone after her release, either. Individuals from the Street Administration Office often visited or called to intimidate and harass her. They used various pretexts to make her report at the Street Administration Office.

Over the past nine years, Ms. Ye Huizhu, who is over 60, and her family have endured harassment and other forms of persecution. Her family has had to endure a great deal of pressure. Her personal safety is now threatened.

I call on compassionate people to pay attention to the incidents of persecution taking place in the Wushan area, Guangzhou City, so that you might extend a helping hand to stop the persecution.

I will also tell those that work at the Wushan Street Administration Office and those from the Wushan Police Station to no longer do evil deeds. At this special historical moment, when the Heavens are going through faster and faster changes, treat Falun Gong practitioners kindly! You will leave yourself a way to escape.