(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhang Xuefeng, a practitioner from Nanjing City, was arrested in February, 2001. He was then illegally sentenced to eight and a half years of imprisonment by the Court of Xiaguan District in Nanjing City. Mr. Zhang has now been imprisoned for seven years, during which time his family has been persecuted in other ways as well.

These past seven years have been a time of great stress for Mr. Zhang's 14-year-old soon. During the SARS epidemic in 2003, his grandfather was taken away to a brainwashing center while both his parents were in prison. Only nine years old at the time, he had to get to school by himself. Because of the long-term persecution of the whole family, the boy is easily scared by the ring of a phone or a knock on the door. Some of his family members were taken away from him for more than seven years.

The Police Planned to Arrest Zhang Xuefeng's Wife in 2007

At around 8 a.m on July 25, 2007, the head of the Xiaguan District 610 Office in Nanjing City, instructed by Chen Dongxiao, along with 610 Office staff Zhang and Wu, the two directors of Jianning Street Neighborhood Committee of Xiaguan District, the members of Wusuo Village Neighborhood Committee Su Shanshui and Wang Xiangkuai, along with policemen from Sisuo Village Police Station broke into Zhang Xuefeng's home, intending to take his wife Ms. Liu Kaimei to a brainwashing center.

At that time, Ms. Liu's mother, who had suffered a stroke, was staying in the home. Their son was home as well because it was the summer holidays. Liu Kaimei said to the people trying to take her away, "I am not going anywhere." They would not leave, however, and they continued to try to force her to go with them using lies and threats. They said they would stay in her home until she agreed to go and said, "How can you not go after the central government has made this decision? We will call more policemen here to drag you out." Ms. Liu was trying to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to them and to tell them the principle of good is rewarded with good and evil meets evil.

At 12:10 p.m., Liu Kaimei's mother stepped out of her room and said to them, "If my daughter had committed murder or a kidnapping, I would have turned her in myself. She hasn't done anything wrong; practicing Dafa is not wrong. However, you imprisoned her for several years and just released some days ago. Now you want to take her away again! As long as I am here today, I will not let you take her away. You are pushing us too far and not giving us the chance to live. Okay, I will jump out of the building because of you!" When they heard this, the intruders left.

Zhang Xuefeng's Parents Were Arrested in 2007

On November 6, 2007, Chen Jianning and two other police officers from the State Security Group of Pukou District Police Station, Nanjing City broke into Mr. Zhang's home and took his mother, Ms. Chen Jinhua, a 63 year-old housewife, into custody. In the meantime, Chen Jianzhong and other police officers from the same unit broke into Zhang Xuefeng's parents' home and searched it illegally while his father Zhang Ruijiang was home.

In the following days, Zhang Xuefeng's family members went to Pukou District Police Station to ask them to release Chen Jinhua. However, the police said that Chen Jinhua had "committed some crime" and was not allowed to be released. Chen Jinhua was "illegally detained" at the Nanjing Detention Center for one month. She was questioned by the police once, and then taken to the brainwashing center in the Pukou District. The family went there to ask for her release again. Not only was their request rejected, but they were also denied the chance to see her. On her second day in the brainwashing center, her blood pressure rose to 210, and the doctor said that hospitalization was necessary. The police from Pukou District Police Station and the 610 Office staff called family members to take Ms. Chen home. She has practiced Falun Gong for 10 years, and her health had been excellent, never requiring a visit to the hospital. However, 32 days of torture turned her into a sick person in critical health.

Zhang Xuefeng Has Been Locked in an Isolation Cell, and the Prison Has Prohibited Family Visits

Zhang Xuefeng has been persecuted in Suzhou Prison in Jiangsu Province for over seven years. From December, 2006 to the present--one and a half years--his family members have been forbidden to visit him. Right before the 2008 Chinese New Year, Mr. Zhang was confined in an isolated cell because he refused to be "transformed". He has been confined in the isolated cell for six months at this point.

In the summer of 2005, Zhang Xuefeng was confined in an isolated cell for three months, although according to the law, such punishment should not exceed 15 days.

In late March 2008, Mr. Zhang's parents and wife went to the prison together to request a meeting with him. They were persistent and tried to negotiate for half a day, but the wardens wouldn't allow them to see him. When the family members asked them if Zhang Xuefeng was being locked in an isolated cell, the wardens lied to them and said "no."

Although they couldn't visit Zhang Xuefeng at that time, the family's righteous words and actions left an impression on the perpetrators. They drew up an even more vicious plan in collaboration with Suzhou Prison, the 610 Office of Nanjing City, the 610 Office of Pukou District Police Station, Yanjiang Township Police Station, and Xinhua Village Neighborhood Committee.

The 70-Year-Old Father Was Arrested Again in 2008

On April 15, 2008, Chen Jianning from the State Security Group of Pukou District Police Station; Chen Dou from Yanjiang Township Police Station; Hua, the Party Secretary of Xinhua Village; and others deceived Zhang Xuefeng's father Zhang Ruijiang and tricked him into going to the Party's office in Xinhua Village. Then they pushed him into a car and took him away. Later, when family members went to the police station to ask for Zhang Ruijiang, they said that he was no longer in the police station but at the 610 Office of Nanjing City. The city 610 Office is inside the city government compound, which is a forbidden area for ordinary citizens, so family members had to call the 610 Office about the whereabouts of Zhang Ruijiang, and when he could come home. The 610 Office staff said that they didn't know.

Zhang Ruijiang was an excellent teacher at Xinhua Elementary School in Nanjing City. His practice of Falun Gong cured ailments such as lung disease, back pain, and constipation. In addition, he has been trying to be a good person by following the teaching of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance."

Zhang Ruijiang is 71 years old and has now been in custody for two months. We worry about his well-being.

The police directly involved in the persecution of Zhang Xuefeng are as follows:
Chen, Associate Director, Suzhou Prison, police number: 3205012
Liu Guoqi, Head of the Department of Education and Transformation: 86-512-65230744
Tang Junyong, Head of the Department of Punishment and Education: 86-512-65241051
Liu Jinglong, Associate Head of the Department of Punishment and Education: 86-512-65241051
Wang Zhuangjin, Associate Head of the Department of Punishment and Education: 86-512-65241051