(Clearwisdom.net) There is a woman in our area who began practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. She thinks highly of Dafa and believes in Dafa. However she didn't do well with many xinxing tests over the years. She seldom looked inward, thinking that reading the book and doing the exercises are all that cultivation entail. Since she didn't look inward to get rid of her attachments, she was persecuted by the old forces. Twice she couldn't overcome illness karma and had to receive an intravenous injection.

Several days ago, I heard that her condition deteriorated. Her entire body was swollen due to edema, and she didn't eat anything for nine days. She was lying in bed, unconscious and incontinent. Her daughter and husband feared that she might not recover and notified her younger sister and brother thousands of miles away.

My wife and I live in the same village. We decided to send forth righteous thoughts for her, to eliminate the persecution she endures.

We called several other practitioners so we could send forth righteous thoughts together. One said, "She didn't cultivate her xinxing. It won't help if we send forth righteous thoughts for her. Let her go to the hospital."

We were very disappointed to hear that. I thought to myself: this practitioner didn't give up her cultivation. Although she didn't pass several xinxing tests in the past, she has cultivated since 1998. Teacher does not give up on this type of disciple. How could we give up on her? Teacher told us to save people. She is not only a member of society; she is a practitioner. She was tightly controlled by the old forces, which blocked her righteous thoughts and her understanding of the Fa principles. She was like a sailboat without direction; she didn't have a clear mind and was unconscious. If fellow practitioners didn't use righteous thoughts to eliminate the shell the old forces put around her, she would be in danger.

The first day we were only able to persuade two other practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts with us. After we sent forth righteous thoughts every hour for several hours, her condition improved. The next day, the village doctor came to give her an IV injection. The practitioner maintained her righteous thoughts and turned it down. That day, several more practitioners came to help send forth righteous thoughts from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.. The miraculous power of righteous thoughts worked. Her swollen face, legs and feet looked much better. At about 5 p.m., her edema vanished. She became energized.

Righteous thoughts saved another practitioner interfered with by sickness karma.

I believe that using righteous thoughts to save fellow practitioners is our duty. Some practitioners are very diligent in persuading people to quit the Communist Party and its related organizations (Of course, this is what practitioners during the Fa-rectification period are supposed to do.). But when it comes to sending forth righteous thoughts for practitioners who are persecuted by sickness karma, they are reluctant to do so. I think that for practitioners experiencing sickness karma, as long as the practitioner has a correct understanding of the Fa and is willing to cultivate in Dafa, we should help them, even if they didn't do well during xinxing tests.

If we don't help those practitioners, how can we say that we carried out Teacher's teaching to "spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence?" Those practitioners are members of society and one of us. If they were taken away by the old forces, that would not only bring a negative impact to Dafa, it would also bring losses to practitioners as one body. I think to help fellow practitioners break away from old force persecution is every practitioner's duty and is crucial to our xinxing cultivation.

Practitioners work together to form one body. We should not give the old forces any excuses to persecute us. We practitioners should help each other and stride forward together on the Fa-rectification path Teacher arranged for us.

My own level is limited, so please kindly point out anything improper.