(Clearwisdom.net) NTDTV recently received a notice of "technical failure" of the W5 satellite from Eutelsat. The satellite broadcasts NTDTV signals into China and other Asian regions. Eutelsat owns and operates the satellite. Broadcasts ended at 6:47 a.m. on June 17, and no estimate of repair time has been provided.

With regard to the so-called "technical failure," Dafa practitioners both in mainland China or overseas should look within ourselves and improve as one body. We must hurry up and further clarify the facts at an even deeper level. No matter what the reasons are, I hope that we all act together as one body to clear out all the dark minions and evil specter as well as all the elements of the old forces acting behind the scenes.

1. Why is the CCP so scared of NTDTV and so fearful of the people in mainland China setting up satellite dishes?

Just what kind of station is NTDTV? It is a free media that has the courage to tell the truth, and it has gradually found its way into tens of thousands of households in mainland China. People who have watched NTDTV speak highly of NTDTV programs.

Let us take a look at the feedback about NTDTV.

NTDTV endeavors to focus on the essence of Chinese civilization, to act as a bridge between the best of traditional Chinese culture and modern society by providing

in-depth news coverage and cultural programs that present to its audience colorful scenes of China as well as the rest of the world.

NTDTV is a non-profit television broadcaster, independent of corporate and government influence, committed to providing service to Chinese people around the world. It provides its viewers with accurate, reliable, and timely information that enriches their daily lives. NTDTV was established in 2001, with its headquarters in New York City. It provides 24 hour broadcasting service via satellite to America, Asia, Europe and Australia, and can also be found on the cable TV networks in 16 major cities in the United States, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC.

How is NTDTV unique among Chinese media?

When SARS broke out in China, NTDTV was three weeks earlier than the authorities in Beijing in publicizing the news; when 500,000 people in Hong Kong took to the streets to protest against Article 23, NTDTV reported the event; during the general election in Taiwan, NTDTV provided daily update news, and provided a live telecast of what was happening on the day when the final votes were announced to the public; when more than one million people had quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated organizations, NTDTV reported the news without delay while most major media kept silent. Although nearly twenty years have passed since the June 4th massacre on Tiananmen Square, NTDTV's voice to commemorate the tragedy has never wavered or weakened.

NTDTV has produced special reports every year, and these precious materials have become resource treasures for the viewers. NTDTV has reported continuously about the persecution of Falun Gong. NTDTV pays attention to disadvantaged groups, safeguarding human rights, economic trends, and the voice of the Chinese people. Whenever a major event takes place, people rely on NTDTV for facts. The International Union of Journalists said, "NTDTV has gained an international reputation by providing objective and timely reports on political, economic and cultural events." News programs are a major component of NTDTV programs, which provide rolling news programs 24 hours a day in Chinese, Cantonese and English; it also broadcasts international and local news programs to Chinese viewers. NTDTV has over 50 reporting stations around the world, transmitting the latest news. NTDTV continues to open up new territories to provide even better service to Chinese communities.

As such, NTDTV is a legal, fair and independent media. It is open to everyone and everybody can watch it. This is a basic civil right, which cannot be deprived.

Then why is the CCP so scared of NTDTV and so afraid of people installing satellite dishes? Is it because the CCP is afraid of people knowing the facts?

All the CCP-controlled cable TV stations are mouth pieces of the CCP. The CCP decides on what people are allowed to know and which programs to broadcast. Therefore, the CCP TV stations, radio stations and newspapers are filled with falsehoods. Let's take an example in recent years. In order to justify its persecution of Falun Gong and imbue people with hatred towards them, the CCP orchestrated the "Tiananmen self-immolation" incident, through which the CCP attempted to deceive the entire world! As for the CCP's crimes of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners and the facts about anti-tyranny and safeguarding-rights incidents in various places in China, one cannot see any reports about these stories being covered on the CCP-controlled cable TV broadcasts.

For decades, the CCP has firmly controlled all forms of media in order to transform, brainwash and control people's thoughts and to instill fear and terror into their minds. NTDTV programs are concerned with Chinese traditional culture and expose how the CCP has deceived people. This is what the CCP is most scared of.

2. The so-called "technical failure" of Satellite W5 is a form of interference and persecution

The CCP has never relented in its attempts to suppress NTDTV. The CCP tried to threaten and lure the international community into compromising their conscience. However, its first attempt in 2004 to pressure Eutelsat to oppose NTDTV, failed in the end. Beginning March 5, 2007, the Minghui Radio Station was also able to broadcast 24 hours a day via W5 satellite to Asian regions, mostly mainland China and Taiwan.

Magnificent scenes, such as those that took place on June 14, 2008 when over 3000 Falun Gong practitioners and supporters held a big rally and a grand parade in Flushing, NY, protected by police throughout the entire event, and when the staff from various businesses along the streets came out to watch together with passers-by and clapped their hands and cheered, were broadcast on NTDTV and people in mainland China and southeast Asia were all able to watch them.

Now, W5 is said to have developed a so-called "technical failure" and is being forced to shut off NTDTV broadcasts without confirmation of when the service can be restored. This issue directly impacts whether 1.3 billion Chinese people can have access to the facts, so that they can choose a bright future for themselves.

As Dafa practitioners, we must keep a clear understanding about this on the basis of the Fa and completely deny any interference.

The above is only my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything improper.

June 21, 2008