(Clearwisdom.net) For the two years from late 2005 to July 2007, Dafa practitioner Ms. Piao Lihua from Shijingshan, Beijing served an illegal sentence in a forced labor camp. The police recently attempted to arrest Ms. Piao again, using the Olympic games as an excuse. The police have also harassed and threatened Ms. Piao's fifteen-year-old daughter while attempting to find Ms. Piao.

At around 3:00 p.m. on June 13, 2008, soon after Ms. Piao Lihua's daughter returned from school, the building officer knocked on her door. She was taking a shower at the time and didn't open the door. Agents from the 610 Office then knocked hard on the door. They yelled out Ms. Piao's daughter's name, and said, "You have to open the door today, voluntarily or not! We will monitor you around the clock." They also demanded keys from Ms. Piao's brother-in-law to open the door. He told them that he had no keys. The police continued yelling, "We will enter your home even if you don't come out for five days. You have to come out sooner or later. We will follow you to your school to make you open the door. We have to enter your house. We want to find Piao Lihua. If you don't cooperate with the government there will be no end to this." Ms. Piao's daughter, who is only fifteen years old, was very scared. She hid in a corner and was too afraid to open the door.

The next morning, there was a black car downstairs, and two plainclothes 610 Office agents were waiting for her to come out.

Based on solid information from inside the police force, in order to find Ms. Piao Lihua, the police went to Ms. Piao's parents and sister's house to harass them, severely interfering with their everyday lives. The police have used the Olympic games as an excuse, and even harass Dafa disciples' family members.

We ask the international community to take action to stop these unjust actions related to the Beijing Olympics and help the innocent Chinese people.