(Clearwisdom.net) "Divine Performing Arts was just marvelous." That was the first thing many viewers in China said after they watched the DVD. "Wow, this is not an ordinary show. It is totally different from what you see today. It is truly classic," said a high school teacher and winner of a provincial prize. A Catholic said, "I watched it three times in a row. It was just great. Especially the backdrop--that was just magnificent." One enthusiast said, "It was just fantastic. The erhu is just wonderful."

Ms. Liu, an employee of a Shanghai trading company, said, "The whole show was so beautiful. It can purify one's heart. The words in the songs made people think deeply. The dances were like those in fairy tales. Feminine was beautifully highlighted. I like to copy the movements, so I wanted to watch it a few more times. The most touching was "The Risen Lotus Flower." It brought tears to my eyes. The imprisoned girls insisting on their belief in spite of being persecuted by the evil communists showed true greatness. The people next to me had similar experiences watching the program. It is as though this program was describing their stories. It was very realistic."

A manager of a private electrical appliance company in Zhejiang Province said, "The backdrop was so pretty. The New Year's eve show by the CCTV cannot compare and is far inferior. The erhu solo in the Divine Performing Arts truly touched one's heart when one listened carefully." He tried to cross his legs in a lotus position as he watched the show and urged his wife several times to learn Falun Gong. After watching the show, he removed the "three representatives of Jiang Zemin" that he had posted in his window. The manager recommended the show to one of his friends, "Go and see the show. Watch it closely. It is truly good."

A school teacher in Zhejiang Province said, "It is good indeed. It is marvelous." She was totally absorbed in the entire show. She had her child read the subtitles on the screen.

A 50-year-old housewife in Zhejiang Province said after watching the show, "Wow, It's shear beauty. I understand what the show was trying to tell us." Now she makes sure to recite "Falun Dafa is good" every day. She has a deep appreciation of the supernormal power of Dafa and tells her friends the facts about Falun Gong.

An employee of a business co-founded with Chinese and Japanese funds in Zhejiang said, "Yes, it is indeed very good. I liked the dances and the singing. I liked it all."