(Clearwisdom.net) I realized recently that some groups that are being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party are not able to come together as one group to combat the CCP propaganda and slander. However, one can find truth clarification material about Falun Dafa everywhere. These materials effectively expose the lies spread by the CCP. Why is that? Here is what I think.

One of the major reasons is that Falun Dafa practitioners are selfless. In the beginning, there were practitioners who clarified the truth to accumulate merit, while others wanted to build up mighty virtue. Today, more and more practitioners have stepped forward because they better understand the principles of the Fa while doing the three things. They have transcended the selfish mindset.

There are many practitioners who have cultivated compassion well and truly wish that all sentient beings have a bright future. They don't ask anything of sentient beings, nor do they expect to be thanked in some way. Regardless of the circumstances around them, these practitioners are steadfastly saving sentient beings with rationality and wisdom. They do not pursue any form of personal gain. Therefore, they are not interfered with and do not succumb to temptations or threats.

Some practitioners clarify the truth because they want to repay a debt and show their gratitude. I think I may belong to this group. I often think that I was not of the Buddha school in my prior lives. Although I am compassionate, I do not feel it as deeply as others, and I'm not easily moved by how others treat me. However, I know clearly that Teacher scooped me up from a filthy place, cleansed my body and got rid of my karma. I know that I'll never be able to repay Teacher, so I can only assist Teacher with the Fa-rectification and fulfill my vow.

There are many political entities that discriminate against people. Because of self-interest, they are kind to some and unkind to others. However, practitioners will not conduct themselves in such a manner. Teacher has mentioned that many sentient beings came from high levels for the Fa. We are blessed to have learned about it first. These people were from high levels, had mighty virtue and were brave enough to come here to save predestined sentient beings. Their original thought was earthshaking and extremely compassionate, and we should respect that. However, they were blinded by earthly illusions and their morals eroded. It is our duty to awaken their true nature, because without Teacher, we would have been the same. Teacher came here to save sentient beings, including them and us. Therefore we should be kind to those who are unkind to us.

The CCP minions can never understand Dafa and the Dafa practitioners' state of mind. Because our intention to save sentient beings goes beyond the human level, the CCP cannot stop us. We need to keep in mind that every time evil does battle with good, they are merely exposing their evilness and are doomed to fail.