(Clearwisdom.net) I am a 27-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner in China who learned about Dafa in 1998. However, at that time, I practiced Falun Dafa due to sentimentality (because my mother was practicing Dafa). I also read the books and often practiced the exercises, but I was not a genuine Falun Dafa practitioner. I could not extricate myself from strong attachments to Internet games and lust, and I was always distracted when studying the Fa. While practicing the exercises I was severely interfered with by extraneous thoughts. Nevertheless, I did understand that Dafa was good, and so Dafa took root in my heart.

After the persecution of Falun Dafa began in 1999, I gave up the practice due to barriers formed by my attachments. I felt worthless and without a future. In 2003, I had the courage to go to Beijing with local practitioners, to validate the Fa. I was quickly arrested and sent to a detention center. Because I didn't have a solid foundation in my cultivation, when I witnessed other practitioners compromising with the evil, I followed after them and did the same. I felt deeply regretful about the impact these actions had on my life. After returning home, I deeply immersed myself in Internet games, and my relationships with family and friends suffered. I often stayed in the Internet cafe continuously, once remaining there for three months. I sometimes ate and slept in the Internet cafe. With a beard on my face, and very dirty clothes I appeared as a beggar who led a despairing and painful life.

Occasionally, I thought about how wonderful it had been to practice Dafa, and the huge difficulties Dafa practitioners encountered. Later, my mother told me that she and other Dafa practitioners had sent forth righteous thoughts to help clear my mind so I might quickly return home. I felt unable to face Teacher due to my past behaviors, and felt that I was no longer qualified to practice Dafa. However, I also knew Dafa was good, and my only hope. In the pain of this dilemma, I tearfully begged Teacher to forgive me and help me to quickly remove my attachment to computer games.

Finally, one day I returned home and picked up a Dafa book, something I had not seen for a long time. Warm currents ran through my whole body and I burst into tears. I felt that everything in the human world was insignificant and variable, and that Teacher's mercy was eternal and huge. I pledged in my heart that I would remove my strong attachment to computer games and practice well. I would catch up with the Fa-rectification process, complete my mission and be an honorable Dafa practitioner!

At the time of writing this article I have not played a computer game for two months! In the past I had wanted to quit, but I could never stop for more than ten days. I now understand that if I want to keep up with Teacher's Fa-rectification process, I must let go of life and death and do the things a Dafa practitioner should do. I must abandon all human attachments and not be attached to loss and gain in the human world. Therefore, I sincerely hope all Dafa practitioners quickly abandon their strongest attachments and return to Dafa. Teacher is still mercifully waiting for us. Do not miss what you have awaited for tens of thousands of years! Complete your mission and avoid a painful regret that you can never overcome.