(Clearwisdom.net) On June 12, Judge Zhang Jun of Jiangdu Court in Jiangsu Province presided over an illegal trial involving defendant Mr. Wei Bensheng, a Falun Dafa practitioner.

At the beginning of the trial, two public prosecutors from Jiangdu Municipal Procuratorate read aloud the false, fabricated charges against Mr. Wei.

Mr. Wei's defense lawyers pointed out to the court that the prosecution against Mr. Wei was in direct violation of the Chinese constitution, which grants each Chinese citizen the right to freedom of belief and freedom of speech.

The defense attorneys called upon the prosecutors to show the court the specific law that states that "Falun Gong is a forbidden practice." Instead of answering the defense's question, the prosecutors seemed panicked and simply said, "We will tell you after the adjournment."

When the defense presented their case, the prosecutors constantly interrupted them. In addition, the prosecutors requested that Judge Zhang Jun silence the defense team so they would not be able to complete their rightful appeal. Despite the court's interference, the defense team still managed to present their main points.

After the trial, the prosecutors hastily left the courtroom. Unable to voice their thoughts directly to the prosecutors, Mr. Wei's relatives and friends approached the Procuratorate officials, asking them, "What crime is it to be a good person? Jiang Zemin's words do not represent the law!"

The family members then met with Judge Zhang Jun, urging him to uphold justice and listen to his conscience. They further requested that he maintain the dignity of the law by remaining impartial in enforcing the law.

The defense team's argument made it clear to the court that any persecution against Falun Gong is in direct violation of the Chinese constitution.

The following are members of the Jiangdu Court:
Zhang Jun, male, presiding judge: 86-514-86999388 (Office)
Ye Yue, chief, male: 86-514-86999301 (Office)