If a Dafa practitioner, amid the persecution, could relinquish his or her attachments to recognition, self-interest, and emotions, the practitioner's family members would not help the evildoers trying to brainwash the practitioner. If a practitioner is not moved by these emotions and desires and has, in addition, corrected his or her family environment, more family members and friends of the practitioner will speak out for Dafa.

If Dafa practitioners, while being tortured, could let go of the fear of death and protect Dafa and resist the persecution, the cruel crimes against humanity would not have occurred. If many practitioners can act this way, how could practitioners be held and persecuted at the forced labor camps and prisons?

If Dafa practitioners, while clarifying the facts about the persecution, are unshakable and solid and can correct each and every one of their thoughts that are products of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) culture, we would not have seen so many safety issues as we are seeing now. If many practitioners had been able to clarify the facts in an open and dignified manner, people would have broadly contacted us, and we would have been able to hand out truth-clarification materials in the busy downtown areas in a relaxed manner.

If the number of Dafa practitioners who have cultivated to the state of being steadfast and unshakable like diamond and dared to step forward to validate the Fa had been as many as those who had practiced Falun Gong in public before the persecution, the public would have not been afraid of the evil CCP's persecution, and they would then have supported Dafa. If that many steadfast Dafa practitioners had put the vicious people at their wits' end, officials for the local communities, townships, towns, counties, cities, and provinces would have become the targets of our Fa-rectification and of our salvation.

If each and every Dafa practitioner had acted in a divine manner, police departments, "procuratorates," courts and judicial departments, and various levels of the ruling regime would have become places where practitioners often gather to clarify the truth about Dafa. If we were as compassionate as enlightened beings and could peacefully tell the officials, inside the halls of the government buildings, the facts about the goodness of Dafa, more officials would have stood up to resist the evil orders of Jiang Zemin. In that case, those who would have been rescued would be found everywhere.

If Dafa practitioners could have a clearer understanding of the Fa principles during Fa-rectification period cultivation and be more clearheaded and diligent in doing the three things, our wisdom endowed by the magnificent Fa-rectification would have made our living environments as peaceful as those before 1999, and the significance would have been greater. If Dafa practitioners could have really achieved this state, there would be more people in China now who would say that Dafa's Master is really great and that Dafa practitioners are outstanding.